Top 5 Low Code Development Solutions That Will Simplify Your App Creation Process

Applications are built up with diverse building blocks (lines of code). With these building blocks, innovators devise several functions and operations and later connect them to a solution package. Nevertheless, writing different lines of code can be burdensome work.

Low code development solutions were initiated into the market to lessen programmers’ work. Using these solutions, development can be faster and easier. These low-code platforms aim to empower you to build applications (apps) through visual tools and do away with the heavy coding.

Here we will discuss the top 5 low code development solutions you can adopt to create web, mobile, or desktop apps. First, let us begin by exploring low-code development solutions.

Low Code Development Solution Overview

As we have mentioned, low-code development platforms focus on simplifying the procedures of application building. They assist in speeding up the entire application development lifecycle.

Utilizing such a platform helps you automate repeated processes in your organization associated with employing and creating simple apps without requiring developers. Traditional application development entails adhering to strict system requirements and needs by hand-coding. But a low code development solution entails a drag-and-drop environment where several functionalities and features can be integrated. The best part of this platform is that you do not need to employ programming experts.

Many non-coders or junior programmers with little qualifications to build top-quality software from the start opt for low-code development. These solutions are ideal for businesses willing to develop applications with limited time and budget.

5 Topmost Low Code Development Solutions

1. Mendix

Mendix is a low-code development solution that permits application building with minimal hand coding. Today, it is the leading low-code platform. It entails visual interfaces which make it easy to use and accessible for various users. In 2021 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Mendix has been recognized as the leading multi-experience development platform.

Mendix is a convenient platform employed by citizen developers and experienced developers. With just a single click, one can deploy the Mendix platform and it guarantees top fault tolerance levels. It is an open platform incorporating a broad range of controls and a customizable framework to reinforce integration with Bootstrap. Moreover, Mendix has an in-built visual user interface (UI) customization tool from which you can create personalized color schemes and styles.

Mendix monitoring tools help in keeping track of your app performance. They include:

  • Application Quality Monitor (AQM)
  • Automated Testing Suite (ATS)
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Mendix Capabilities

  • Available tools for application analysis.
  • Tools for automated testing and quality monitoring of software.
  • One can easily design native mobile apps that are developer and user-specific.
  • Contains an all-inclusive app store and in-built templates.

2. Salesforce App Cloud

Salesforce is a low-code development platform that allows developers to quickly build and deploy scalable and secure cloud applications. The platform offers services and tools later integrated with a third-party application to automate business needs.

Salesforce App Cloud Capabilities

  • Entails good design capabilities for creating tablet and mobile applications.
  • Entails high identity and security configuration characteristics.
  • Considerable marketplace for pre-build apps and components.
  • Mobile apps can be developed in the salesforce framework with a comprehensive, integrated collaboration.
  • Can employ drag-and-drop interface builders to build complex automated logic.

3. OutSystems

OutSystems is among the powerful and professional frameworks containing its integrated development environment (IDE). The environment is rich in third-party repositories, templates, features, and functionality.

With OutSystems, several users can simultaneously build modules. Also, this framework makes it easy to manage roles, users, and applications. This platform eases the development procedures of an application or website. It addresses the standard challenging parts allowing developers to entirely focus on handling real-world problems.

The OutSystems platform can help monitor application performance. It identifies performance bottlenecks quickly and takes necessary actions. Hence, you can optimize the automatically generated code to ensure top-level performance.

OutSystems Capabilities

  • Following all security measures can help ensure application safety from the start to deployment.
  • Delivers responsive web apps and rich mobile experiences.
  • It entails real-time performance dashboards that enhance user experience.
  • Successfully interface the applications on any framework.

4. Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps allows users to create applications from scratch based on databases or through models. The primary advantage is that employees can access developers’ corporate development tools and independently create their needed services and applications. Moreover, developers utilize Azure services to develop application programming interfaces (API), web-based, and mobile apps.

The platform incorporates a rich set of free templates. Therefore, beginners with little programming experience can use this platform.

Microsoft Power Apps Capabilities

  • Easy development of basic applications without coding.
  • It can easily integrate with different third-party applications.
  • · One can update workflow automation through Microsoft flow.
  • · Delivers a broad range of pre-built templates and UI objects

5. Zoho Creator

Zoho creator is an attractive platform that is easy to use for developers. You can easily create simple applications that address your business needs through this framework. To write your code, you must utilize Deluge, Zoho creator’s specifically designed programming language.

Zoho creator is ideal when developing a suitable customer tracking database as it can adjust to any equipment easily. Data can be imported easily from Zoho creator’s cloud storage, computer, or diverse databases. You may require additional software to integrate the framework with an existing database.

Zoho Creator Capabilities

  • Accessible integrated auto-translation.
  • Integrates with other Zoho applications.
  • User-friendly framework interface.
  • The framework supports barcode scanning.
  • Applications can actively be rescaled for mobile use.

Final Thoughts

Low code development solution is an excellent tool for developers and non-programmers. Through these platforms (Mendix, Salesforce app cloud, OutSystems, Microsoft power app, and Zoho creator), you can quickly create and personalize applications to suit your specific requirements. There are a variety of frameworks and tools available in the market. However, these five platforms are worth considering, especially if you need low-code development tools. They have scalable, high-performing, and advanced features to allow you to work efficiently.

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