Top 10 Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools


Compatibility testing services can be a hassle for software testers without the help of right testing tools. From open source to premium, there are plenty of choices available and it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs.

 To make it easier for you, we have complied a list of popular cross browser compatibility testing tools. Let’s have look at the list in no particular order.

1. Browserstack

Browserstack is one of the most popular mobile app and browser testing platforms in the market. If you want to test your website and mobile apps among a variety of browsers, Browserstack is one of the best options out there.

This is a cloud-based web toolkit designed to help you assess how your website and web app works.

It supports Android, opera mobile, iOS, Windows (XP, 7 and 8), OSX snow leopard, lion and mountain lion and more.

There’s no need to have users test it out for you, instead you get to manage and use it at your own pace.

2. Cross Browser Testing

As the name suggests, Cross browser testing allows you to test your website among 2050+ browsers and mobile devices.

It makes it easy for you to find any bugs or anomalies that can appear when you are testing your browser.

The great thing is that everything is fully customizable in real time and you can adapt and adjust everything to suit your requirements the right way.

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You do want to check this out and give it a try, especially if you want high quality browser testing for thousands of different browsers.

3. Ranorex

Ranorex is an all-in-one package for web application and cross-browser testing. It makes it easy for you to build the test you want and automate the entire process without any worries.

Ranorex can be used to automate tests for a variety of web technologies and frameworks including Java and JavaScript websites, HTML5, Flash, Salesforce, Flex applications and many more.

It’s a tool that you can deploy really fast, it’s super dependable, reliable and among some of the best in the industry.

You will like the great attention to detail and focus on value, not to mention the great experience you can get with or without coding.

4. See Test (Experitest)

See test does an amazing job at allowing you to test out more than 2000 different browsers to see if your app or website works great.

This amazing tool enables you to run your Appium and Selenium tests in real android, iOS and desktop browsers.

Shorter test cycles, testing across 1000+ combinations of browsers, versions and operating systems are some of the features of See test.

It’s a very diverse, reliable and easy to use tool that everyone must try out!

5. Browser Shots

Browser shots has been around for a very long time and it’s one of the simplest and easiest tools that you can use in order to see whether your website or mobile app has issues.

It is a great browser compatibility tool and at the same time you also get a web design gallery and an icon search engine.

This tool provides a very powerful solution which is super easy to use and enjoy as you see fit. However, there is one drawback in this tool, the result takes quiet some time to display when you select more than a few browsers.

6. Lambda Test

Lambda test is another popular tool for browser compatibility testing, what makes it very good is the fact that it just requires you to place the URL, choose any optional features and you are good to go.

They allow you to choose what browsers you want to target specifically. Or you can choose all browsers if you want.

You can also choose the browser version, OS, resolution and so on. It’s the sheer customization aspect that makes Lambda test very helpful.

This is designed to be a very reliable and comprehensive solution, one that will pay off very well as long as you use it right.

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They also offer a way to help you debug in real time without worries, thanks to their integrated tools.

7. TestComplete

TestComplete from SmartBear is designed to offer you an automated UI testing solution with complete AI support and a huge array of great features to test among various browsers.

TestComplete is a solid tool for browser compatibility testing and it comes with a visual recognition engine and a hybrid object solution. You can run 1500 real tests parallelly without any configuration or setup.

As a result, you will have much better information and a great idea of what’s wrong, what you need to fix and how you can do that. Adaptability is key, and that’s exactly what you receive with TestComplete.

8. Browser

Browsera has always been one of the best automated website layout testing tools out there. It makes it very easy to figure out if there are problems, and the best part is that you receive a free report with all the necessary information.

There’s no need to install anything, as the entire process is performed online without any restrictions.

You can test out the entire website and even test pages with login password too. They even help you test dynamic pages.

Simply put, with Browsera you get to test out your entire website and it will be well worth the effort.

9. IE NetRender

As the name suggests, IE NetRenderer allows you to see how your website looks on Internet Explorer. But it’s only on multiple versions of IE.

It doesn’t offer support for other browsers, which might be quite the downside for a lot of people.

Yet many Windows users don’t install anything else and they use Internet Explorer, so having a tool that you can use for browser testing makes a lot of sense.

Having said that, IE NetRender does a great job in testing various Internet Explorer versions. It has the capacity to run jobs parallelly in real time and it is one of the easy to use tools.

10. Sauce Labs

Sauce labs provides all types of testing solutions. They are a cloud-based tool focused on offering you a plethora of testing services for your website and mobile.

It allows you to run tests in cloud with more than 260 different devices and browser platforms. You will be able to access live breakpoints, which helps to take control of the system easily to investigate the problem manually.

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Their solutions are versatile, reliable and also extremely easy to use. We like the fact that they are using the cloud to make these tests fast, seamless and also very reliable.

You should consider giving Sauce labs a try if you are looking for expert services in the browser testing field.

As mentioned earlier, the choice of tool completely depends on your needs. Hope we covered a good selection of tools.

Does your favorite tool make the list? Let us know if we have missed something.

Author: Pradeep Parthiban
Pradeep is a Content Writer and Digital Marketing Specialist at Indium Software with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.