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Not only has the number of devices gone up since the turn of the century, but along with access to the Internet, each device acts as a single point for communication and transactional needs. This has, in turn, led to a proliferation of browsers and operating systems to go with each type of device. No developer can afford to ignore the variations and has to optimize his app to run smoothly across the devices, browser and platform combinations.

Therefore, Compatibility Testing is a critical QA task that ensures that the product/software application performs as desired across different user & client systems, devices, browsers and operating systems.

While simulated environments are commonly used for compatibility testing due to time and resource constraints, at Indium Software, our Compatibility Test Lab is equipped with a range of mobile devices and customers can execute a test process with a pay-on-usage model based on their specific needs.

Indium Software IP-led test automation framework, iFACT (Indium Framework for Accelerated Compatibility Testing), leverages automation to speed up the Compatibility Testing process while ensuring reliable results.

Jumpstart kits around defect and failure patterns across a standard set of popular browser/OS and device combinations further enhance efficiency and effectiveness of Indium Software process oriented Compatibility Testing Practice.

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Indium Software's Advantage

Apart from a well-equipped lab with all key and popular devices, our testers too have an excellent understanding that helps in successful execution of the compatibility testing process. Some of our strengths translate to the following:

The primary outcome for a client from our compatibility test process is to ensure that all features of a product deliver as expected across device-browser-OS combinations

Across all our software testing practices, we have an overarching goal: to deliver keeping your business goals in mind. For example, if 90% of your customers access the product on a mobile browser, greater emphasis is laid on that

At Indium, our goal is aligned to your overall business goals. One of the key challenges in compatibility testing is to ensure seamless working of a product across versions.

Our test automation framework for compatibility testing is designed to deliver a world-class automated approach to compatibility testing, with an offshore delivery model. iFACT enables us to offer higher ROI, better test coverage and overall a robust, 360-degree compatibility testing process.

Key Deliverables

Users across devices and other variables have the same visual experience irrespective of the device etc. The application functionality should be device, browser, OS neutral.

Focus Areas

Test environment selection based on market strategies
Strategic approach to compatibility testing
Virtualization technologies
End to end test coverage
Performance dashboard
Lower cost of testing
Minimize user dissatisfaction resulting from compatibility issues
Testing results which becomes a good reference for continual improvement

Value Addition

Improving business value and performance through better customer satisfaction
Flexible and cost effective serviced
Minimum investment in test infrastructure
Significant reduction in time taken per testing iteration
Access to expert technical resource
Savings in manpower & associated costs, owing to reduced manual testing efforts (potentially up to 70%)
Quick turnaround time service delivery
Improved regression test coverage within short time frame

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How can we help you?

Contact us at the Indium Software office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.