Mendix: The Secure Platform That Makes Your Business Possible

Creating business value while overseeing creators and mitigating risks is never a walk in the park, particularly in application development and management. Your business applications are ever exposed to hackers, making security a critical element worth prioritizing. Therefore, from ideation to deployment and release, your apps should be secured through advanced security protocols to ensure that all data it handles is safe. This strategy will thwart unauthorized attempts to access your customer’s and company’s data through the application.

Perhaps you’re wondering which application development platform can offer such secure and impenetrable security features. To your surprise -there is one, the Mendix platform. Here, we will explore how secure the Mendix platform is, how it guarantees ultimate peace of mind by making your business possible, and much more.

How Secure is the Mendix Platform?

The security of your applications is of utmost importance, regardless of the platform you’re using. The Mendix platform takes your applications’ security seriously and that of the cloud operations that run it. Mendix integrated an information security management system (ISMS) per the ISO/IEC 27001 standards to achieve the security levels required by the clients.

Also, the platform features comprehensive inbuilt governance and security features. Therefore, it is a haven for developing and deploying your business applications.

Mendix Platform Security

As initially stated, Mendix implemented the ISMS following the requirements outlined by the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. This ISO standard requires the development and implementation of a robust security program.

The Mendix platform prioritizes compliance, data privacy, governance, and security in every aspect. From its platform to the apps developed on it to its security operations, Mendix has put in place steadfast programs to ensure your applications and data remain confidential and untampered with by unauthorized parties.

With a combination of defensive, preventive, and reactive controls, Mendix continuously makes the platform a secure environment that your business can count on to stay competitive.

How Does Mendix Ensure Security in Low-Code Development?

When you develop applications on the Mendix platform, you are assured that they are secure. This is because it handles security as a service.

Businesses have complex yet constantly-changing information technology (IT) systems. What’s more, companies keep adding new pieces of software now and then, resulting in more fragmented and complicated systems. This makes it even harder to protect them from state-sponsored actors and hackers.

Information threat remains a constant problem. For companies, fragmented and sophisticated IT systems imply increasingly high risks and costs. Luckily, businesses don’t have to suffer from having complex, multilevel information systems. Low-code development platforms like Mendix provide a perfect solution to the challenges provided by these systems.

For instance, with the Mendix platform, you can standardize your system at a platform level. Most security features will be offered out of the box in this case. It simplifies your large patchwork of fragmented systems by providing an all-in-one solution.

Mendix services offer a full-stack, low-code development platform that makes security easier, cheaper, and safer to manage. It lets you configure your security settings with guardrails, helping you tailor them to your specific requirements.

Simply put, Mendix is designed to mitigate risks regardless of the user. All its layers (infrastructure, platform, server, and application) prioritize security and privacy, helping you generate much-needed value.

Layered Security

The Mendix platform has the highest accreditation and certification levels at the platform and infrastructure layers. Also, the Mendix platform runs a 24/7 threat detection service powered by Siemens and Mendix by using CrowdStrike. What’s more, Mendix performs monthly penetration testing to help detect possible vulnerabilities.

Mendix lets you configure IP whitelisting and apply role-based access and client certificates, as required.

How Does Mendix Make Your Business Possible?

Besides its tight security protocols, Mendix has several features to streamline your business progress. Some key features include:

  • Governance tooling
  • Single codebase
  • Compliance with local and international regulations.

Governance Tooling

Accelerated app development speed implies bringing more people into the app development lifecycle. This is because you either need to transform your business stakeholders into developers who can create applications themselves or tighten the feedback loop.

Considering more people in the development cycle implies adding more risks. Therefore, you need to establish guardrails to safely build the applications. Fortunately, Mendix recognizes that good governance is key to making your business possible. As a result, this platform offers a tried, tested, aligned government framework.

This framework considers the 4Ps – Platform, People, Portfolio, and Process in every element of the low-code platform. Therefore, it helps your Mendix developers (professional and citizen) to build apps that align with your business and industry’s regulations.

What’s more, Mendix solutions is a control center, which provides insights into all activities happening on the platform, all in one place. Also, you can manage user roles by assigning and removing admins and get details about active projects, their status, last commits, and an overview of members along with their projects.

Build Faster and Securely with Mendix’s Single Codebase

Mendix low-code platform lets you create reusable application elements thanks to its single codebase. Once that element passes its security checks, you can reuse it in other apps without re-assessing it. Unless your security protocols are updated or changed, that element will stay secure and available for use anytime. This saves you time, resources, and effort to build apps from scratch.

Stay Compliant with Local and International Regulations with Mendix

The last thing you need is regulatory agencies breathing down your neck over non-compliance issues. These bodies can significantly hinder your company’s progress, with some charges costing your business thousands of dollars. However, with Mendix, you build, and we ensure that your apps comply with local and global standards and regulations.

Mendix maintains an extensive list of reports, standards, and certifications available to prospects and clients upon request. Build more apps and worry less about compliance with Mendix!

Final Thought

The Mendix platform is the future of low-code development. With robust security features and passing tens of third-party certifications and assurance reports, the Mendix platform guarantees ultimate peace of mind when developing applications. Besides, it can improve your business by offering faster and safe app development features, governance tooling, and fostering highly-compliant apps that can take your business to another level.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Mendix today.

Author: Indium
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