Mendix: The Open-Source Solution for Any Business

Information Technology (IT) departments worldwide aim to provide applications at scale and speed. Their focus is to help meet the core business objectives that include but are not limited to:

  • Improving efficiency and collaboration.
  • Enhancing customer experiences and engagement.
  • Future-oriented business processes.
  • Cloud migration.

However, the need for enterprise applications is increasing beyond the delivery capabilities of the IT department. Overstretched resources and outdated legacy systems and delivery methods hinder organizational growth.

Reasons for enhancing application velocity are evident, but the challenge is how to go about it. Businesses experience several roadblocks in their endeavor toward the development of better software.

So, let’s see how Mendix low-code platform is helping businesses turn their vision into reality.

5 Ways Mendix is Improving App Delivery

Mendix low-code application (app) development technology assists the IT department get around systems and resource challenges. This helps improve every stage in the business application development with capabilities and features that include:

Swift Deployment and Development

Agile methodology, model-driven, and visual development environments speed up the application development lifecycle. Services and tools standard for DevOps is entirely automated in the Mendix platform or are accessible out of the box.

Enterprises can quickly manage, deploy, build, and design multi-channel business apps in a single seamless cloud environment. Mendix’s high-speed app development tools allow business users to create web and mobile apps more flexibly and six times faster than traditional development methods. With swift deployment and development, businesses achieve better software results quickly. Therefore, entities can earn returns on investments (ROI) more rapidly.

Mendix makes it easy to meet the changing business needs and increase the speed of application development. Applications that could take years and months to develop are deployed within weeks through low-code application platforms. It includes best practices software development that accelerates delivery and optimizes the whole development process.

With swift application deployment and development, a business can:

  • Enhance developer productivity with low-code characteristics like workflow editors, platform extensibility, reusable components, and visual user interfaces.
  • Develop an app once and offer consistent user experiences across tablets, desktops, and mobiles.
  • Guarantee consistency and app quality with automated testing.
  • Incorporate a DevOps culture and an agile way of operating.
  • Provide easy-to-scale and maintainable solutions on cloud-native architecture.

Limitless Integration Capabilities

Mendix is expandable and open with transformable components and the ability to integrate custom code where necessary. The platform application programming interfaces (APIs) ease connecting disparate systems and integrating logic and data from any service or source.

Mendix technology supports connections to other services and apps through industry-standard protocols and interfaces. This low-code platform provides various solutions to ensure new apps can absorb and convey services and data in diverse environments. Hence, it makes it easy for users to use and understand the capabilities of other systems and services.

Users can leverage their basic skills while logically fitting into their entity’s technical and strategic business direction. They are motivated to easily manage, publish, find, and use functionality and data in their entities.

App Quality and Version Control

With the support of Git and Subversion (SVN), Mendix version control smoothens development and helps enhance efficiency. Multiple developers can handle the same project, constantly combining model changes into revisions in the version control repository.

Version control permits you to manage the app development by storing the current model revision and all the resources. One gives it an identifier to get the revision again and share it with the team you’re working with. Also, vision control permits work on various development lines. In this case, a significant number of features can be handled. The development lines will be combined so that the full features from separate works can be in the main line.

Developers can work on projects without friction and handle updates and conflicts. With efficient test automation, one can keep track of the app model performance, quality, and consistency.

Absolute Cloud Freedom

Mendix apps are portable, containerized, and can operate in any environment. All applications created with Mendix are established on a cloud-native design. Therefore, these apps can leverage the advantages of cloud platforms like cloud interoperability, low infra-overhead, auto-healing, auto-provisioning, and auto-scaling.

In such a flexible model, Mendix technology supports various deployment options. Hence, businesses can run Mendix applications on multi-cloud, hybrid, private, virtual private, public, or through a traditional server. Companies can operate efficiently and strategize for growth.

Mendix solutions are the fastest way of delivering your applications to the market, helping entities evade cloud operations hassles. Organizations can simultaneously modernize Dev and Ops, streamline multi-cloud operations, and provide quick shipping solutions. Hence, they can avoid repeated and tedious procedures.

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Integrated Collaboration Tools

The Mendix platform promotes real-time co-creation and collaboration between IT teams and the business. This platform easily and rapidly incorporates stakeholders and end users in the app development process. Mendix maintains cross-departmental communication by streamlining collaboration, agile project management, and feedback management. This enables developers with different skill sets to create business solutions through powerful applications.

Through Mendix developers diligently co-create solutions through a browser-based development environment designed for them. With this straightforward environment, even the non-technical domain experts rapidly iterate and ideate.

Mendix studio pro adds sophisticated logic and creates complex integrations to build mobile applications, transactional web, and enterprise-grade. Its environment incorporates all software development capabilities, including custom code addition when necessary.

Final Thoughts

When trying to create new ways of conducting your business, why choose anyone other than the leading low-code platform? You have the master plan for digital transformation, and it all begins with changing how software is built. The Mendix platform offers the right tools for businesses to create new apps. With the platform’s visual modeling and collaborative approach, non-technical and professional developers can build the necessary software to help enterprises to innovate and maintain a competitive edge. The Mendix platform lays the foundation for all businesses to work towards digital transformations and realize their vision.

Author: Indium
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