How Mendix Technology is Changing How We Work

Mendix is arguably the easiest and fastest low-code platform companies use to build web and mobile applications at scale. This platform facilitates faster time-to-market by accelerating enterprise application delivery throughout the development cycle, from mentation to operations and deployment.

Mendix technology is completely transforming how we work. By enabling you to execute DevOps and agile best practices, it involves business stakeholders in the application development process, leading to better results. Are you still facing difficulties determining how Mendix is changing how we work? Join us as we bring you game-changing elements of the Mendix technology that will change the industry’s future.

What is Mendix Technology?

As defined in our article, Mendix is a highly effective application platform that lets you develop and constantly improve web and mobile apps at scale. This technology offers both low-code and no-code tooling in one fully integrated platform.

Thanks to its advanced and comprehensive tools for building, deploying, testing, and iterating, Mendix technology helps you develop and release applications faster and effortlessly. Mendix is cloud-native, enabling you to deploy applications on the cloud or on-premise in a single click.

How it All Started

In 2020, Mendix launched a new version of the low-code app development platform and a comprehensive plan to help stakeholders develop low-code tools, prepackaged systems, and service components ready for digital transformation initiatives. The Boston-based company released Mendix 9 or MX9 version and a new strategy during its Mendix World Version 2.0 conference.

Mendix’s development plan involved three crucial components:

  • Industry solutions. This element would provide templated applications for certain verticals. For instance, stakeholders can transact their low-code ware with clients through the revamped marketplace.
  • Startup program. This component would focus on helping low-code startups to build their brands.
  • Upgraded marketplace. The updated Mendix marketplace would extend the store with purpose-built applications, features, tools, and additional monetization opportunities for software vendors.

Since 2020, Mendix has released several updated versions to improve user experience. But how is it realging the way of doing things? You’re about to find out.

A Brighter Future with Mendix Technology

Mendix is a game-changer technology that supports native and responsive applications outside the box, thanks to its single visual model. There’s plenty to be excited about this technology, as it will change how we work through its advanced features, such as:

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities.

The global AI market value is estimated to reach $1.5971 trillion by 2030, making it one of the fastest-growing technology concepts. Mendix technology has not been left behind in the adoption of AI technology.

It features a Mendix Assist, an AI-driven performance bot, that suggests or automatically implements changes or “upcoming steps” that a developer should take in creating high-quality and performance apps. Artificial intelligence in the low-code development platform significantly reduces the steps and actions needed to develop applications.

With AI-powered capabilities, Mendix technology enables you to fix errors and bugs that initially took weeks or days in only a few hours or even minutes. As a result, it will increase the productivity and quality of the final application.

An All-Around Tool

When the Mendix platform was first developed about 17 years ago, it had one mission: bridging the gap between IT and business by abstracting code while providing software development a universal language across the two sectors. Over time Mendix has improved its platform, making it among the best in the market.

The latest Mendix platform builds on the firm’s model-powered development foundation of helping programmers of different skill sets use Mendix for their app development. For instance, Mendix 9 and above versions let mendix rapid developers integrate enterprise information in their app development. Moreover, they can tap into machine learning and AI to help them make better decisions when building their applications.

Mendix 9 brings the company’s low-code ideology of automation and abstraction from app development to other aspects like business processes and data integration. The latest Mendix version introduced a data hub. This hub pulls services and data into the searchable catalog. Therefore, it gives developers a series of discoverable metadata from inside studio pro and Mendix studio as drag-and-drop assets.

Mendix technology has a new workflow editor that supports the creation of intelligent automation platforms built for certain use cases. Also, it features workflow templates for developers’ use. These templates include preconfigured dashboards and a central task manager to monitor and manage your workflow. All these features integrated into one platform make it easier for developers to build great and intuitive apps within a short period.

Git Support

Mendix technology added support services for Git version control to help developers integrate their version control systems across different platforms. For instance, there is an application that monitors security notifications and facilitates the process of fixing them from GitHub.

If GitHub discovers a security issue on one of your applications, this app will help you handle the process. You can assign the right team to manage the security vulnerability issue and track the process of fixing it. Therefore, Mendix technology helps us track and control problems from a third-party platform like GitHub.

Operate in the Cloud

With Mendix technology, data integration is made simpler and business process automation easier. The latest Mendix platform gives you a streamlined deployment where developers can create resilient, portable, and scalable apps without needing an expert specialist.

Mendix also features sensitive security controls to ensure that only authorized people can deploy applications to the right cloud. The configuration is once-and-done through automated scripts, removing repetitive operational tasks. Therefore, it saves on the cost of labor and time required to complete the actions while changing how we develop applications.

Stay Productive, Stay in Control, and Stay Mobile with Mendix Technology!

With the latest Mendix solutions, you’ll find a control center that gives you control, overview, and, insights into all actions in the Mendix platform. With this control center, you enjoy efficiency at its best. You can even create teams around an app and plan its maintenance stress-free.

Mendix app platform continues to improve its mobile and multi-experience offerings. As a result, you can develop breathtaking user experiences using the Atlas 3 feature across native hybrid, mobile, and progressive web apps.

Final Thoughts

Mendix technology is transforming how we work on low-code application development projects. You will discover updates crucial to building applications faster and better within Studio and Studio Pro. What’s even mind-blowing is that the Mendix platform has integrated advanced features, AI, and control centers to help developers build apps more quickly and visualize the process within a single platform.

Interested in learning more about Mendix? Check out our blog to discover more about this game-changing platform.

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