Adopting the Denodo Platform to Build a Data Fabric

Gartner lists data fabric as one of the top trends in 2021 because of its ability to reduce integration design and deployment time by 30% and maintenance by 70%. The data fabric technology designs allow the use/reuse and combination of different styles of data integration. It also integrates current skills and technologies from data lakes, data hubs, and data warehouses with new tools and approaches.

In Oct 2021, Gartner recommended that IT leaders seek opportunities to deploy data fabric, which protects existing investments in infrastructure by enhancing it and enabling automation of overall data management.

What is Data Fabric?

Today, the urgency for digital transformation needs to be supported by the value maximization of data through better data management. Data fabric provides a unified architecture to create a single environment helping achieve this goal by automating the design, integration, and deployment of data objects irrespective of the platform they are deployed on or the architectural approach. Furthermore, it provides actionable insights and recommendations on improving data management, integration design, and deployment patterns by running continuous analytics and AI/ML on the metadata assets by improving data access and sharing automation.

It is like a weave that integrates data from varied sources, locations, and types with ways to access, process, manage, and store it, providing real-time, secure, and high-performance access to data from across the enterprise. Some of its key features include:

● Connecting a variety of data sources using pre-packaged connectors and components that does away with the need for coding

● Allows for data ingestion and integration between and among different data sources and applications

● Facilitates real-time, batch, and big data use cases

● Also helps to manage multiple environments such as on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud for the data source and data consumer

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Denodo Platform 8.0 for a Paradigm Shift in Data Integration and Management

Denodo Platform v 8.0, the latest release from Denodo, provides a unified web-based user interface for enhanced data services APIs and Graph-like access to Denodo Views enabling query acceleration using summaries. In addition, it facilitates automated cloud infrastructure management for multiple environments such as hybrid and multi-cloud.

Some of the key advantages of using the Denodo Platform for building data fabric include:

● Integrating data across multi-cloud environments

● Automating manual tasks with augmented intelligence

● Enhancing analytics performance with rapid data delivery

● Facilitating data discovery and data science projects

● Analyzing data at rest as well as data in motion

● Creating catalogs of all data for discovery, lineage, and associations

Cloud-native deployments are made possible by Denodo’s web-based user interface that simplifies multi- and hybrid-cloud deployment, management, and monitoring with automated and transparent infrastructure management. In addition, its new data science notebook facilitates data science workflow management and advanced analytics. Summaries enable smart query acceleration to improve performance for a logical data warehouse or logical data fabric environments.

Denodo’s support for GraphQL, combined with SQL, REST, and OData, facilitates rapid application development to deliver advanced and flexible data services. The new, web-based user interface includes SSO. It also enables integrating all tools, such as the design studio, on the Denodo Platform and Denodo environments.

A Case in Point

Autodesk, Inc. a multinational software corporation catering to industries such as engineering, construction, architecture, manufacturing, media, and entertainment, was changing its traditional perpetual license model to a subscription-based license model. However, it was unable to ensure timely delivery of high-quality data to its business stakeholders and so needed to transform its traditional, operational to a more modern, logical data warehouse

By moving to the Denodo platform, it was able to leverage the Denodo Abstraction Layer to generate live invoices from SAP. The data virtualization solutions also facilitated building a culture of “see before you build”.

The platform helped Autodesk transition to subscription-based licensing and also enforce single point security while providing access to a uniform data environment.

Indium–A Denodo Implementation Partner

Indium Software, a more than two-decade-old software development firm, has deep expertise in the implementation of the Denodo Platform to help businesses draw insights from their enterprise-wide data. We understand the challenges businesses face in being able to access quality data in a timely manner to be able to make informed decisions. Our cross-domain expertise, experience in data science, and our partnership with Denodo put us in a unique place to be able to understand your need to harmonize the underlying systems for long-term benefit with data virtualization technology. Our range of solutions to transform your data management by unifying using the Denodo platform include:

Data Virtualization Services: Indium’s comprehensive Denodo services enable businesses to leverage their data for a wide range of use cases

Virtual Data Mart: Aggregating data from different operational sources to build a data mart for a specific function

Extended DWH: Integrating data in a DWH with an operational data source

Hybrid DWH: Develop multiple data warehouses to create a logical data model

Virtual Sandbox for Data Modelling: Providing a holistic view of enterprise-wide data from multiple sources in real-time without creating a new repository

Self Service BI: Provide business users with access to data through a virtualized layer that is secure aligns with data governance

Enterprise Business Data Glossary: Harmonizing and cataloging data with any name in the source system to make it available for downstream applications

Author: Indium
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