Building a Databricks Lakehouse on AWS to Manage AI and Analytics Workloads Better

Businesses need cost-efficiency, flexibility, and scalability with an open data management architecture to meet their growing AI and analytics needs. Data lakehouse provides businesses with capabilities for data management and ACID transactions using an open system design that allows the implementation of data structures and management features similar to those of a data warehouse. It accelerates the access to complete and current data from multiple sources by merging them into a single system for projects related to data science, business analytics, and machine learning.

Some of the key technologies that enable the data lakehouse to provide these benefits include:

  • Layers of metadata
  • Improved SQL execution enabled by new query engine designs
  • optimized access for data science and machine learning tools.

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Data Lakes for Improved Performance

Metadata layers track the files that can be a part of different table versions to enable ACID-compliant transactions. They support streaming I/O without the need for message buses such as Kafka), facilitating accessing older versions of the table, enforcement and evolution of schema, and validating data.

But among these features, what makes the data lake popular is its performance with the introduction of new query engine designs for SQL analysis. In addition, some optimizations include:

  • Hot data caching in RAM/SSDs
  • Cluster co-accessed data layout optimization
  • Statistics, indexes, and other such auxiliary data structures
  • Vectorized execution on modern CPUs

This makes data lakehouse performance on large datasets comparable to other popular TPC-DS benchmark-based data warehouses. Being built on open data formats such as Parquet makes access to data easy for data scientists and machine learning engineers in the lakehouse.

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Easy Steps to Building Databricks Data Lakehouse on AWS

As businesses increase their adoption of AI and analytics and scale up, businesses can leverage Databricks consulting services to experience the benefits of their data by keeping it simple and accessible. Databricks provides a cost-effective solution through its pay-as-you-go solution on Databricks AWS to allow the use of existing AWS accounts and infrastructure.

Databricks on AWS is a collaborative workspace for machine learning, data science, and analytics, using the Lakehouse architecture to process large volumes of data and accelerate innovation. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform, forming the core of the AWS ecosystem, integrates easily and seamlessly with popular Data and AI services such as S3 buckets, Kinesis streams, Athena, Redshift, Glue, and QuickSight, among others.

Building a Databricks Lakehouse on AWS is very easy and involves:

Quick Setup: For customers with AWS partner privileges, setting up Databricks is as simple as subscribing to the service directly from their AWS account without creating a new account. The Databricks Marketplace listing is available in the AWS Marketplace and can be accessed through a simple search. A self-service Quickstart video is available to help businesses create their first workspace.

Smooth Onboarding: The Databricks pay-as-you-go service can be set up using AWS credentials. Databricks allows the account settings and roles in AWS to be preserved, accelerating the setting up and the kick-off of the Lakehouse building.

Pay Per Use: The Databricks on AWS is a cost-effective solution as the customers have to pay based on the use of resources. The billing is linked to their existing Enterprise Discount Program, enabling them to build a flexible and scalable lakehouse on AWS based on their needs.

Try Before Signing Up: AWS customers can opt for a free 14-day trial of Databricks before signing up for the subscription. The billing and payment can be consolidated under their already-present AWS management account.

Benefits of Databricks Lakehouse on AWS

Apart from a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for improved management of AI and analytics workloads, some of the other benefits include:

  • Supporting AWS Graviton2-based Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances for 3x improvement in performance
  • Exceptional price-performance ensured by Graviton processors for workloads running in EC2
  • Improved performance by using Photon, the new query engine from Databricks Our Engineering team ran benchmark tests and discovered that Graviton2-based

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Indium–A Databricks Expert for Your AI/Analytics Needs

Indium Software is a leading provider of data engineering, machine learning, and data analytics solutions. An AWS partner, we have an experienced team of Databricks experts who can build Databricks Lakehouse on AWS quickly to help you manage your AI and analytics workloads better.

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We use our cross-domain experience to design innovative solutions for your business, meeting your objectives and the need for accelerating growth, improving efficiency, and moving from strength to strength. Our team of capable data scientists and solution architects leverage modern technologies cost-effectively to optimize resources and meet strategic imperatives.

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