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Data Analytics Services

Leverage Data Analytics for your business`s digital future

AI-powered Data analytics to make your data do more!

The probability of your organization storing ‘Dark data’ is pretty high. ‘Dark data’ is data that is not used and can be from multiple sources such as connected devices, from transactions, social media and more. It is likely that you are creating data exhaust if you are already using AI technologies and automation.

Are you waiting to uncover the hidden opportunities here? Envision intelligent technologies being fuelled by a continual stream of insights; quicker, smarter decisions to accelerate innovation or 360-degree customer views to boost relevance and revenue. Indium’s Data Analytics service can empower you to do that.

Indium Software offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics solutions and insights-related services to enterprises seeking to maximise the value of their data.

We analyse data and generate valuable insights from data using advanced analytics techniques and our expertise in cutting-edge technology.


Our AI-powered data analytics services help identify ways to combine insights, forecasts, visualisations, advanced analytics, and more to harness the extremely powerful business analytics capability.

Unravel your data`s potential with Indium`s Data analytics solutions

We bring you solutions that address your enterprise challenges and direct your data assets to drive value by leveraging the transformative power of analytics.

Client Spotlight

A FinTech company needed an analytics development partner for creating a solution that would take publicly available information about companies, analyze the past performance and project the future growth potential.

The solution was to analyze the core company data to project potential growth in the coming few quarters, considering various internal and external factors influencing this, and thereby giving investors the insights needed to assess the suitability of the venture for investment. It was a disruptive process as earlier auditors would personally examine the profit and loss statements and use their intuition to arrive at the decision, which was prone to human error.

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Big Data and Analytics Solutions

Businesses now have the ability to make smart and fast decisions with the wide range of unstructured data available to them. Indium’s Big Data and Analytics Solutions helps organizations deliver the right insights at the right time.

Indium can solve business problems and aid decision making through a host of solutions like Advanced Analytics, Data Discovery and Visualization.

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