Accelerate Your Data Virtualization Efforts on the Cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) with Denodo

In the digital transformation journey, as data is balanced across hybrid cloud environments, the creation of silos takes a new form. The data gets stored in different types of database management systems, many of which do not talk to each other, leading to data integration and storage challenges. Enterprises need a solution that can gather data from multiple sources and provide a single source of truth in real-time

This is enabled by data virtualization solutions, where a virtual view of unified data from various sources is made accessible to various front-end solutions such as applications, portals, and dashboards. Data from multiple sources is abstracted, transformed, federated, without where the data is stored. This entire data engineering process involves a safe and secure implementation.

Since the organizational data from siloed systems is integrated in a logical data layer, data virtualization does not need the data to be replicated in ETL solutions. On the contrary, the data remains in the source systems while only an integrated view of all the relevant data for a specific query is pulled up from underlying source systems and presented. It is delivered to the end user in real-time, compliant with centralized security and governance.

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Uses of Data Virtualization

The holistic view of enterprise wide data in real-time enables businesses across industries to simplify processes and execute them efficiently. Some of the uses of data virtualization include:

  • ● A comparative analysis of business performance over the years.
  • ● Regulatory compliance with traceability of historical data.
  • ● Ability to search for and discover interconnected data.
  • ● Replace legacy systems and app modernization.
  • ● Migration to the cloud from on-premises applications.
  • ● Delivering data as a service and monetizing it.

As a result of these, businesses can experience an increase in productivity, lowering of the need for development resources, quicker data access when compared to ETL processes are some of the benefits of data virtualization.

Denodo Data Virtualization for a Holistic View

Data virtualization from Denodo, which can be deployed through marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Docker, helps businesses achieve the goal of data integration and presentation of a unified view.

Connect to Any Source: A company stores its data in multiple sources such as databases, data warehouses, big data repositories, Excel files, and cloud applications. Denodo Data Virtualization enables pulling data from all these sources to provide a unified view.

Combine All Types of Data: Today, businesses have a mix of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Denodo enables combining numerical, text, streaming, social, and flat files for deeper insights.

Personalize Data Consumption: The data can be consumed in mode best suited to the user’s needs as reports or dashboards, portals, Web, or mobile applications.

Data virtualization creates a centralized secure layer for cataloging, searching, discovering, and governing the integrated data and its relationships. This data is presented in a virtual or logical layer without the need to replicate the physical repository.

Why Denodo

Denodo’s 20 years of innovation is reflected in the fact that its enterprise-grade data virtualization with intuitive interface is used by more than 700 customers, including several large Fortune 1000 companies, in 35 industries. From supplier management to data-as-a-service, regulatory compliance, systems modernization and so on, complex business operations are simplified by this solution.

In a study commissioned by Denodo and conducted by Forrester Consulting, it was found that leveraging the Denodo data virtualization capabilities helped its customers achieve 408% return on investment and $6.8 million economic benefits in three years.

Some of the reasons Denodo is considered a leader in data virtualization include:

  • ● Agility
  • ● high performance data integration and abstraction across a widely hybridized environment with multiple sources on prem and cloud
  • ● Cost-efficient real-time data services
  • Some of the other benefits identified by the study include:
  • ● 83% faster time-to-revenue
  • ● 67% lower effort needed in data preparation
  • ● 65% reduction in delivery times compared to ETL
  • ● 95% retention rate of Denodo Platform

Denodo Data Virtualization Platform Advantages

Some of the key capabilities available on Denodo Data Virtualization platform include the availability of a logical data fabric with semantic search enabled by an active data catalog. Its enterprise wide data governance ensures data integrity and security. AI-powered smart query acceleration ensures greater accuracy and speed.

It also comes with automated cloud infrastructure management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It empowers business users with self-service through embedded data preparation capabilities.

Some of its unique features include:

  • ● A redesigned web based user interface that provides exceptional user experience designed to business and IT users
  • ● A Dynamic Query Optimizer that facilitates faster access to data using a strategy of intelligent and optimal query execution strategy
  • ● Smart Query Acceleration combined with Summaries to handle complex analytical scenarios
  • ● In-Memory Parallel Processing that provides unparalleled speed for faster access to data
  • ● An automated lifecycle management suite for improved and efficient data management for the cloud and with PaaS for hybrid environments as well
  • ● A Dynamic Data Catalog that provides seamless access to data, improves collaboration and provides automatic recommendations using ML
  • ● Ensures interoperability with current cloud systems by supporting cloud standards such as OAuth 2.0, SAML, OpenAPI, GraphQL, and OData 4

Indium–A Denodo Partner

Indium Software, a partner of Denodo, brings with it deep expertise in the data virtualization platform. It designs outcome-based strategies to ensure the effective implementation of the Denodo platform by providing comprehensive services for a wide range of use cases.

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