Timing and Determination

I will share with you one of the best strategies we have followed in my current project. I am working on a CRM domain project and the scenario is that we need to validate 3600 test cases in 6 days with two testers.Is it possible ?????????

Nothing is impossible for a brave and determined heart. 

I am working at clients location and this  is a product based  company. After many discussions and many debates, finally we decided to take the help of our services team and marketing team regarding the frequently used scenarios.

Based on their feedback, we sat together worked collectively and decided that  we will cover all the scenarios but not  the test cases. Based on the frequency, we have short-listed the test cases to 200 from 3600 test cases.

We made this possible through,

1 Regular interaction with the hosting/services team,

2 Inputs from the product management team,

3 By developing a script in the BETA programme and getting the feedback of frequently used scenarios

4 Convinced the customer and got their databases

5 Short-listed the test cases which are covering multiple scenarios and based on customer usage

6 Worked as a team collectively in deciding on the frequently used scenarios

7 Last but not the least believed only in mantra “WE HAVE TO DO IT” and WE DID IT QUALITATIVELY

The output of the above steps is that in 5 days we could cover maximum of the test scenarios and were confident in giving a nod for the release.

If we have a determination and dedication to complete, we will  complete . We as INDIUMITES should always stand for any of the task give to us because the confidence which we show in the early days the better will be  the  quality of our product .

“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.” 
― Elbert Hubbard