The Power of Low-Code Business Solutions: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them

Low-code business solutions continue to take over the enterprise application development industry. This trend is attributed to their ability to enable faster development and deployment of custom mobile and web applications – even with limited coding skills. As a result, instituting low-code business solutions enable chief information officers (CIOs) and IT departments to meet the increasing app development demands to foster digital migration programs.

You cannot ignore the power of these revolutionary solutions. Tech experts estimate that low-code development solutions can slash the application development time by up to 90%. This astonishing ability makes them ideal for modern businesses that need to quickly adapt to changes to stay competitive. Let’s examine what low-code business solutions can do for you.

What Features Do Low-Code Business Solutions Offer?

Low-code business solutions offer myriad features to accelerate your digital transformation journey. These platforms provide the following features to foster enterprise application development.

Visual Modeling

Ever heard of app development using drag-and-drop functionality? Well, it’s not fiction – low-code business solutions let users build apps using the drag-and-drop functionality. These development platforms feature intuitive user interfaces, enabling professionals to use a model-driven approach to create applications. This development approach is highly efficient as it allows everyone to visualize how the application will work.

Cloud-Native Deployment

Low-code business solutions such as Mendix provide the much-needed flexibility to build, deploy and manage apps in your preferred cloud option. With features like one-click deployment, low-code development solutions enable you to deploy new applications and augment existing ones as soon as the business needs and customer demands change. Therefore, cloud-based low-code platforms foster a scalable development environment – which is critical to success in the highly unpredictable business era.

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Build Faster and More Efficiently with Reusable Components

Low-code development solutions feature built-in modules, connectors, templates, and logic to help you develop cross-platform applications faster. Skilled developers can reuse and extend these components to effectively build new apps, reducing the development time.

Collaborative Tools

Seamless communication and collaboration are crucial to building robust business applications. Low-code development solutions have advanced built-in tools for messaging, revision tracking, and feedback loops. Adding these features to the visual nature of low-code development helps everyone to stay updated on the progress. As a result, these solutions foster a stronger business-IT relationship.

Complete Application Lifecycle Support

Low-code business solutions support the whole app development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and maintenance. As a result, it significantly cuts down the time-to-market because these platforms offer a smooth way to move applications along the lifecycle.

Experience Governance at its Best

Governance has always been an issue, especially when it comes to building enterprise applications. This is because multiple parties are involved in the process, including the IT department and beyond. Fortunately, low-code development platforms, like Mendix, offer advanced control and governance tools to facilitate compliant, effective, and secure use of these solutions.

By applying governance at every level – platform, people, process, and portfolio, low-code development solutions offer the foundation to execute an effective governance strategy. Therefore, you can effectively regulate who can manage, develop, deploy, or even plan what applications. As a result, you can build apps faster while providing access based on the roles played by each party.

Top 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Low-Code Business Solutions

Low-code development has gained significant popularity in recent years. There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t look away from these revolutionary development solutions, including:

1. Frictionless Legacy Modernization

Modernizing your legacy systems is critical for digital transformation programs. However, these systems are widely known for their rigidity in accommodating new application development platforms. In short, legacy systems monopolize your enterprise IT resources.

With low-code development solutions, legacy modernization is simplified. You can rebuild new systems, user interfaces, and custom apps that:

  • Can gradually replace your antiquated systems
  • Extend your legacy systems’ capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing software systems and landscapes

2. Scalability and Flexibility at Every Level

Modern businesses must be agile and ready to accommodate change with minimal effort. They can stay competitive and adapt to the changing business environment and customer demands.

Low-code business solutions are cloud-based. As a result, they offer the much-desired flexibility to deploy and manage new applications and update existing ones when necessary. The low-code platform users onboard easily and faster. On the other hand, system administrators can govern the entire development ecosystem by applying for role-based access. This scalability and flexibility are what modern businesses need to achieve their IT and business goals while staying future-proof.

3. Improved Customer Experience

More businesses are being formed daily, meaning higher competition. What’s worse about these competition levels is that differentiating your brand and services is even more challenging. So, to be competition-resistant, you must offer exceptional customer-centric services and products. And that’s where low-code development solutions come in.

Low-code development platforms help you offer constant, unrivaled digital customer experiences. With these solutions, you can quickly build customer-facing mobile applications, IoT-enabled applications, and web portals -all within one platform. What’s more, low-code platforms are designed for collaborative development. As a result, teams close to the end customers can add significant value, helping professional developers build apps that reflect and address the customers’ demands and needs.

4. Faster Time-To-Market

Delivery speed is of utmost importance when it comes to building and deploying new apps and updating existing ones. With features such as built-in components, visual modeling, single-click deployment, and automation, low-code solutions are critical to fast application delivery. Businesses can use these powerful features to stay ahead of their competitors when implementing a change that reflects a shift in market demands.

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Final Thoughts

Low-code business solutions are reshaping the application development industry. Low-code platforms are ready to take the modern business world head-on with new powerful features and advanced technologies, like AI-assisted development. Say goodbye to traditional rigid development methods and embrace low-code solutions for a chance to succeed in the current competitive and highly unpredictable business environment.

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