Top 5 Challenges of Test Automation in eCommerce Websites

E-commerce websites need a certain transformation to satisfy the needs of the current competitive market. Several retailers are switching to online stores to increase their profit and sales, but an online store cannot be a guarantee of success….

11 Open Source Automation Tools For Your Automation Needs

Test automation has proven to increase the speed, quality, and efficiency of the software in many ways. Listed below are top 11 open source tools for your automation needs. Steffy DSteffy D works for Indium software as a…

12 Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Automation Scripts Using iSAFE Framework

Aishwarya LVAishwarya LV is a Senior Test Engineer with 4+ years of experience in the field of Software Test Automation. She is an expert in Selenium Automation scripting with JAVA and worked on different automation tools like Selenium,…

8 Reasons Why you Need a Test Automation Framework in the Current Market Scenario

In current market scenario, organizations not only want to test software effectively, but also as quickly and comprehensively as possible. To achieve this goal, organizations are turning to test automation. Indium Software


5 ways how Test Automation can help organizations in retail Digital Transformation

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Tips to ensure Successful Test Automation with maximum ROI

Test automation is no longer a buzzword as most of the people in the software industry knows what it is.  Test Automation involves tools to run and execute test cases. The goal of test automation is to reduce…

Rapid Fire: An interview with our Test Automation Head

All that you wanted to know about test automation, its role in the fast-changing technology space, test-driven development, the role of AI, and more answered by Indium’s test automation expert Aravindhan Ashokan, AVP & Head of Automation CoE……

Top Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

Test automation is very essential for a successful and on–time automation testing process.  These frameworks help the testing team to reduce the cost and testing efforts by providing high RoI on the testing initiatives. The idea of this…


Making Better Sense of Big Data with Comprehensive Testing

  Big Data is defined as large volumes of structured and unstructured data that can reveal patterns, trends, and associations. Indium admin

Test Automation Framework with Selenium WebDriver

This blog post on creating and using a test automation framework is expected to help anyone with some know-how on Java and Selenium get started with the ever popular “Page Object Model” based test automation framework. Sadhanandhan Balakrishnan