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Selenium Test Automation Framework – Web Application Testing

  • Software testing
  • Abhay Das
  • February 27, 2017
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Web application testing is nothing but checking for its performance, functionality, compatibility, security and UI or usability before it reaches end customers. But the ever changing challenges are,

Frequent changes in the web application increasing number of supporting browsers, devices and OSs

In this context, software testing tools play a major roll and are essential to reduce the test cycle time.

Selenium is one of the most significant and most popular open source web browser automation tools.

Along with the feature of automating web applications, Selenium can also automate web-based administration tasks.

It provides record and playback feature for authorizing tests, which do not require learning test scripting language.

Selenium is composed of different components, where each component will take on a specific role in supporting web application development including,  Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium IDE and Selenium-Grid.

Most of the software test engineers work with Selenium, focusing on one or two tools based on their project need.

Indium follows a process-oriented approach for the successful deployment of Test Automation

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They get started with Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It allows recording, editing and debugging tests.

Due to this feature, Selenium IDE was earlier known as Selenium Recorder. Developers or testers who have limited knowledge of programming language can use Selenium IDE to create simple tests quickly.

One best feature of Selenium is its set of components that are highly flexible, allowing diverse options for tracing UI elements.

It compares predictable test results against actual application performance or functionality.

Another advantage is that it provides support for performing tests on multiple browser platforms.

Using Selenium test automation framework generally makes life easier for developers as well as testers. It also proves to be a resource for dedicated in-house test labs.

Maintaining Selenium will prove to be very expensive without the right framework.

(A testing tool accompanied by clear-cut measurable objectives, automation readiness, a well thought out framework for test automation, a way of storing & managing test data and industry best practices & methodologies will lead to the success of test automation.)   – Visit

A framework-based approach reduces the maintenance effort required by the tool. It enables end-to-end testing to verify the integrated components of the product or application.

Using an appropriate test automation framework:

  • Allows Continuous integration and test management – enabling quality metrics.
  • Enhances test coverage, run target based parallel execution and an efficient root-cause analysis
  • Delivers Faster time to market
  • Supports Constant additional enhancements
  • Reduces regression run time

Selenium is here to stay, so developers or testers should learn to use it quickly.

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Abhay Das