AI is transforming software testing

How AI is Transforming Software Testing

The knowledge domain of software industry is ever evolving without any dull moment of inactivity. As per one of the growing trends, the professionals in the field of software testing now believe more and more that in future…


5 ways how Test Automation can help organizations in retail Digital Transformation

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – Who is in the Game?

The global augmented reality and virtual reality market is anticipated to witness remarkable CAGR of $150 Billion during 2017 – 2025 Indium Software


Test Automation in Agile

Gartner defines DevOps as a philosophy, “a cultural shift that merges operations with development and demands a linked tool chain of technologies to facilitate collaborative change.” DevOps has evolved from a niche strategy employed mostly by cloud providers…

An Imaginary Conversation between Manual Testing and Automated Testing

Hello All Let’s see what they have discussed. AT : Hello my dear friend how are you! What’s up? MT : So far so good. Any special plans for the Test Automation day? AT : Bang on!! In…

How (bad) bug reports can increase project cost?

In my 4+ years of experience as a Software Tester, I have come across large number of bug reports which I have read for my own learning. There were awesome, bad, freaking bad, good bug reports 🙂 I…

To Deliver Business Values, First “Understand”

Note of Thanks: Thanks to all who reads my blog. I am writing on “Requirement Analysis” based on the request I received from one of our associate. Hope this helps to understand the “Requirement Analysis” activities in detail….

In Exploratory We EXPLORe

Some Lines…About….. This is my very first blog in web and of course for Indium too (iBlog Indiumsoft). So I would like to acknowledge the Indiumites to whom I extend my heartfelt gratitude for spending their valuable time…

eCommerce Web App Testing – A Success Story

Indium successfully completes a software testing engagement for all the on-line properties at one of the world’s leading auction companies. Indium Software has been in the forefront of testing services for the last 13 years across a wide-range…