How To Successfully Perform Mobile App Testing

How To Successfully Perform Mobile App Testing

8 Minute Read The trend of smartphones and mobile technology is on the rise and it is not going to go down any time soon.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – Who is in the Game?

6 Minute Read The global augmented reality and virtual reality market is anticipated to witness remarkable CAGR of $150 Billion during 2017 – 2025 Indium Software

An Imaginary Conversation between Manual Testing and Automated Testing

5 Minute Read Hello All Let’s see what they have discussed. AT : Hello my dear friend how are you! What’s up? MT : So far so good. Any special plans for the Test Automation day? AT : Bang on!! In…


To Deliver Business Values, First “Understand”

5 Minute Read Note of Thanks: Thanks to all who reads my blog. I am writing on “Requirement Analysis” based on the request I received from one of our associate. Hope this helps to understand the “Requirement Analysis” activities in detail….


eCommerce Web App Testing – A Success Story

2 Minute Read Indium successfully completes a software testing engagement for all the on-line properties at one of the world’s leading auction companies. Indium Software has been in the forefront of testing services for the last 13 years across a wide-range…