How to Perform User Acceptance Testing Effectively?

9 Minute Read Use acceptance testing (UAT) is also known as beta testing, end-user testing, and application testing.


Application Testing Vs Game Testing – Tug of War!!!

6 Minute Read What Is Different About Software Testing? game testing is very different from software testing. Software testing services largely operates on automation scripts. It is more about testing an application. These scripts can also be made preceding, or after…


Game Testing; Not as Easy as It Sounds!

5 Minute Read The Gaming!! industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is growing sturdily. The game’s success largely depends on the quality and performance of the game. This is where game testing comes into picture. High Quality testing is…

Best Mobile Testing Techniques

9 Minute Read Hand-held technical devices have undergone several bouts of transformation over the past few decades. With changing shapes, sizes and functions, mobile phones have crawled in their own way into the user’s pockets. Today, a smartphone has become a…

Complexity Testing!!! – ‘To be taken seriously’

4 Minute Read   Every Software Development Life-cycle will encounter bug, and this is inevitable. These and most of the bugs are detected in the software testing phase. Indium

Is certification a must for console game testing?

4 Minute Read The answer to the question is – YES! The QA team needs to be certified to perform console game testing which is due to – high security requirements by the console manufacturers as well as the game developers….

An Expert View On Gen 9 Console Game Testing

5 Minute Read PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates the global video gaming industry to grow from $71.3 billion in 2015 to $90.1 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 4.8 percent. Though mobile games growth has outpaced traditional console games, they are also expected…

A day in the life of a Game Tester!

6 Minute Read To give an idea of what a Game tester’s day looks like, we are talking about a guy who goes by the gamer tag ‘Dalda’ Tushar

Gaming Trends – Evolution of eSports

8 Minute Read The Gaming industry has taken a big step in the past few years with competitive gaming tournaments being held the world over. Electronic sports or eSports refers to organized competitions where pro-gamers or amateur players compete with each…

Have you heard about Google’s OSS FUZZ Testing Tool?

4 Minute Read Past week Google announced a project called OSS-Fuzz. This ideology is related to fuzz testing. The purpose behind developing OSS FUZZ is to use the tool in development environment and locate the threats, which can potentially turn into…