Application Testing Vs Game Testing – Tug of War!!!

What Is Different About Software Testing?

Game testing is very different from software testing. Software testing services largely operates on automation scripts. It is more about testing an application.

These scripts can also be made preceding, or after production of test cases, and both can be utilized to enhance the QA of the application.

A few frameworks and tools have been created to make the automation process quicker, since automation scripts setup process can be somewhat tedious.

While Software testing field is perceived as a skilled profession compared with game testing. There is skills involved in game testing and a game tester has to put equal efforts as software tester.

“The requirement for software testing is usually a degree in engineering preferably computer science or anything technical.”

“The requirement for game testing is a degree but it’s not always necessary. However a passion for games and attention to detail with a strong work ethic will land you a job.”

Differences by Testing Platforms

Game TestingSoftware Testing
PC, Consoles, Web/Cloud (HTML5, MMOs, and Social Media games) MobilePC, Web, Mobile & Cloud

What Makes Game Testing Unique?

Below are the few testing types to the list of game testing checklist, which makes game testing unique.

  • Fun Factor Testing
  • Balance Testing
  • Realism Testing
  • Game Level Testing
  • Game Play Testing
  • Multi-player Testing
  • Modification API Testing
  • Game Network Testing
  • Al Testing

A game tester should have the same knowledge as of software tester, but with a special focus on what makes

Game Testing requires a lot of commitment and concentration. Now a day’s business requires for consoles and game applications that are perfect from all viewpoints. For generating a good response amongst the gamers the game has to be bug free and capable to run for across multiple platforms and devices.

In games, the app is designed to give the user the least amount of access to the actions of the program as possible.

Game designers give the players with no choice but to take time to explore and discover what the game does. They want to preserve the mystery of the game world, the pursuit, the fantasy. The harder it is, and the more time it takes for the user to obtain the ‘desired results’. “Winning”.

A game is an enormously multifaceted database or a sequence of databases. These databases are usually built within a shell to be unclear of its purpose for the user.

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Adding a feature of randomizer, the design of the game is unpredictable. Events don’t function the same way twice.

The game tester’s contact is only with interface which constantly changes its appearance and function.

“It is almost impossible to know if what is in the
screen is what is supposed to be seen”.

A game tester should be able to keep track of enormous amounts of dynamic details.

In a game’s database, it is not necessary that the same series of actions do not cause the same reaction. This makes recreating bugs extremely difficult.

Games drive technology, innovation and the hardware market. Whereas software follows it

Games push the technology innovation envelope. They tend to drive the hardware market, while other software conforms to it.

Gamers are habitually technology geeks, and they expect next level performance ,in speed and visual quality in the game. Games are always developed with an eye toward the fastest and latest hardware; hence, game testers must stay ahead of the trends.

Testers must be educated and certified in all new hardware and have it all available in the testing environment.

This technological knowledge is critical in this industry because the game developer will most often take the blame if it the game doesn’t function with the new hardware, and that failure can mean game death.

Games are generally system oriented than software, hence installation and setup are crucial. Thus, compatibility testing is equally critical. The other factors that affect the game function are video, audio and memory

In contrast to that, the latest versions of today’s business software are released to be compatible with the standard issue in system configuration.


There are many similar and unique aspects between software testing and game testing but all types of testing require experts to perform it well and in a structured way.