Replatforming Legacy Code with Mendix: A Step-by-Step guide

In the dynamic landscape of technology, legacy systems often become roadblocks, disrupting workflows and posing security threats to an organization’s IT infrastructure. The solution? Replatforming legacy code.

The concept of replatforming legacy code has been widely popularized in recent times, and many developers are actively using this strategy to move an application from one platform to another without altering the functionality. However, you can only enjoy the benefits of replatforming legacy code if you choose a reliable platform like Mendix.

So, here’s a quick look at the various challenges associated with legacy systems and how these challenges can be mitigated with Mendix solutions, the ultimate tool for replatforming legacy code.

Understanding Legacy Code

A legacy code is a code that the developers are “scared to change.” It is the source code of an application that was generated a long time ago, and since then, it has been subjected to repeated modifications. These codes can be detrimental to the functioning of the application and also reduce the scope of scalability and integration. 

Problems associated with legacy code: 

  • Lack of Structure: Legacy code does not follow proper coding structures and principles. Their codes are also not documented.
  • Complexity: Present-day developers find it hard to understand legacy code. Making changes to the code also becomes a difficult affair.
  • Outdated technology: Legacy code mostly contains outdated frameworks and technologies that might not work in the current development landscape.
  • Performance bottlenecks: Legacy systems fail to achieve the desired performance, thereby impacting workflows.
  • High Technical Debt: Legacy code tends to accumulate technical debt, which increases the cost of maintaining the systems. 

The impact of legacy code on business operations and agility: 

  • Loss of business ability: Legacy systems can cause a loss of agility in business. It prevents business operations from being carried out smoothly and effectively.
  • Time lags: The developers also have to face time lags now and then, leading to business operations delays. Sometimes, there is a huge business loss.
  • Increased maintenance charges: Using legacy systems for your business operations can drastically increase the cost of maintenance.
  • Compliance issues: The application may become vulnerable to security threats, leading to compliance issues.
  • Lack of scalability: The business cannot accommodate increased demands due to lack of scalability of their legacy systems.

The Need for Replatforming

Replatforming involves transforming a legacy system into a modernized one to gain better scalability and provide users with better performance. During replatforming, part of the code is rewritten. This allows you to enhance your existing business structure and maintain a smooth workflow. Software modernization offers a greater scope of scalability. The integration capabilities are also improved.

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Using Mendix: The most reliable replatforming tool

Mendix, with its low-code development approach, empowers businesses to transform their software development processes. It offers multiple features that enhance system capabilities, making it an ideal tool for replatforming legacy code.

Here is an instance: A multinational retailer harnessed the power of Mendix’s low-code platform to develop a robust consumer-credit origination system, which not only streamlined their business operations but also led to a substantial increase in revenue within weeks of implementation, rapidly expanding their customer base. 

How can Mendix aid in the replatforming process? 

Mendix’s low-code IDE fast-tracks application development for replatforming, enabling you to replace legacy systems with modern versions. Whether you aim to rebuild your application or update business processes, Mendix has you covered. It helps you revitalize your digital landscape and prepares you to tackle the challenges of the digital world.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Replatforming with Mendix  

Initial assessment: Identify the parts of the legacy system that need replatforming through an in-depth analysis of the legacy system and the current tech stack.  

Planning: Create a detailed plan for the replatforming process, including objectives, milestones, and a timeframe.  

Implementation: Use Mendix’s features to re-platform the legacy code. Explore features like workflow engines, built-in connectors, and drag-and-drop components during this phase.  

Testing: Rigorously test the replatformed application to ensure its functionalities are retained and it is bug-free. Also, test the application’s performance to ensure the new platform works as expected  

Deployment: Roll out the new platform and gradually phase out the legacy system. The replatformed application is first made available to a small group and monitored carefully. After receiving the green signal, it becomes available to the target users.

The benefits of using a low-code platform like Mendix for replatforming are: 

Choosing a low-code platform like Mendix for replatforming offers numerous benefits. It reduces application development time, translating to cost savings. The code migration process also becomes smoother.

Low-code approach: Mendix follows a low-code approach. You no longer have to write multiple lines of code while replatforming your applications. This reduces the time and effort required for replatforming the code.  

High scalability: You can use Mendix to design highly scalable applications that will grow with your business. You will no longer have to repeatedly redesign your application to meet changing business requirements.  

Enhanced extensibility: Mendix is extensible at any level. You can easily integrate the app into your existing system and enhance its capabilities. You can also customize the features of the app as per your exact business needs.  

The power of the cloud: You also have the freedom to carry out deployments on various cloud-native applications. This allows the replatformed application to enjoy the multiple benefits that the cloud has to offer, like microservices architecture, containerization, and immutable infrastructure.

Better regulatory compliance: Mendix ensures that complete regulatory compliance is maintained throughout the work environment. This allows you to strengthen your system against various security threats.

Improved performance: By replatforming the legacy codes, you will be able to improve your business performance to a considerable extent. This will also increase the profitability of the business.

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Replatforming legacy systems with Mendix offers numerous advantages to companies seeking to reduce development costs, improve customer experience, and enhance business scalability. If your workplace still relies on legacy systems, it’s time to harness the power of Mendix and develop a future-ready software solution tailored to your business needs.

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