Quality Assurance: A Way of Life

“Hope for the bestplan for the worst”

I do not know of another quote which applies in a better manner to the Software testing industry. As part of the Quality Assurance teams spread across the world, we strive for 1 goal and 1 goal only. The best product. Period

Take a look at the human evolution. What do you see?

Starting out as hunter-gatherers, we made camp in areas teeming with game, nuts and fruits. We moved on when the supply went down.

When we started farming, we used trial and error at times, or simply fell on better/stronger yielding seeds.

Once found, we weeded out the chinks (read weaker strains) and cultivated the better ones.

As time came to pass from one age to another, we got introduced to science and technology. The end result of these advances: better quality of life.

Today in the 21st century, Quality of life is an industry of its own. No longer an ideology, it has evolved from mere thoughts to physical tools, processes and practices. 

Everything, (notice the emphasis) produced on an assembly line, on a tree, by a plant or handcrafted; has to stand the test of proving its Quality in the terms of durability/efficiency or taste.

When out in the market, we pay anywhere from low to exorbitant price to buy a product purely based on the product quality. Take for e.g. those apples in your refrigerator.

You didn’t pick up the first apples you laid your hands on, did you? You inspected them, the color, any damage, smell etc. The same goes when you are out buying anything; clothes, electronics, automobiles.

You inspect the fabric, read online user-generated reviews etc. to verify the investment you are about to make will actually be worth it.

As luck would have it, the same is applicable a million times manifold of a software development cycle.  

If you have read until here, you are reading this off Indium Software’s blog. Now why would yet another software testing company write/publish an article along these lines when there are thousands, if not millions already existing.

Simply because, we understand Quality Assurance like nobody’s business.

Quality is the key reason why customers/End-users are being loyal to you for the billionth time.

It may be software for the masses, or a tool to manage employees, or a video game. Without ensuring the quality, your application isn’t selling.

Quality Assurance is not just another cog in the development cycle. It’s the last push; the final stand. Good Quality Assurance = Success.

1.Why Indium you ask?

Conor McGregor once said, ‘There is no talent here. This is hard work. This is an obsession.’

Indium is an exclusive focused Software Testing Services Company. We do Quality Assurance for a living.

We don’t just tell you where your application’s functionality breaks. Besides, with our experience, we will be able to tell you how user friendly your app is?

We suggest variations to the design after comparative analysis to other likely applications in the market.

If there isn’t any, then you are in luck. We will help you with making it user friendly enough to make your end user keep coming back for more.

2. How do we do what we do?

To quote from Lee Child’s newest addition to the Reacher series, “Let me hazard a wild-ass guess. It’s cover for something. Given your current batting average, it’s a high level something. Which means you’ll get whatever you ask for. Especially staff. So you’ll be calling me in the morning anyway. Why not tell me twelve hours early?

We come, ‘Battle Ready’. Which means, the moment we chance upon a project, we get down to work.

Break it down to the essentials, chart out requirements, phase out testing cycles, coincide the testing cycles to tentative development cycles and create milestone based test plans.

Depending on the requirements, we can start right along with the Development cycle.

Ready to pitch in when a QA ready build is available. Or, if your product is live already, we can come onboard to help optimize the test strategy to follow the change in development cycle.

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We oversee all aspects of product development (hardware, software, chemistry) and ensure that nothing is released if it doesn’t adhere to the company’s quality system.

To plagiarize an advertisement, “We eat, drink and sleep Quality Assurance”.

“We don’t just count the sheep. We count how many, what species, variations in development based on feed quality, difference in jump height.” Comparison Bridge between the “counting sheep” idea and Test Requirements breakdown.

Quality Assurance is a way of life. It has caused evolution. It has caused social and economic cycles. And we understand it like nobody’s business.