Mozart Data’s Modern Data Platform to Extract-Centralize-Organize-Analyze Data at Scale

According to Techjury, globally, 94 zettabytes of data will have been produced by the end of 2022. This is a gold mine for businesses, but mining and extracting useful insights from even a 100th of this volume will require tremendous effort. Data scientists and engineers will have to wade through volumes of data, process them, clean them, deduplicate, and transform them to enable business users to make sense of the data and take appropriate action.

To know how Indium can help you with building your Mozart Data Platform at scale


Given the volume of data being generated, it also comes as no surprise that the global big data and data engineering services market size is expected to grow from $39.50 billion in 2020 to $87.37 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 17.6%.

While the availability of large volumes of unstructured data is driving this market, it is also being limited by a lack of access to data in real time. What businesses need is speed to make the best use of data at scale.

Mozart’s Modern Data Platform for Speed and Scale

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is that each team or function has different software that is built specifically for the purpose. As a result, data is scattered and siloed, making it difficult to get a holistic view. Businesses need a data warehouse solutions to unify all the data from different sources to derive value. This requires transformation of data into a format that can be used for analytics. Often, businesses use homegrown solutions that can add to time and delays, not to mention costs.

Mozart Data is a modern data platform that enables businesses to unify data from different sources within an hour, to provide a single source of truth. Mozart Data’s managed data pipelines, data warehousing, and transformation automation solutions enable the centralization, organization, and analysis of data, proving to be 70% more efficient than traditional approaches. The modern scalable data stack comes with all the required components, including a Snowflake data warehouse.

Some of its key functions include;

  • Deduplication of reports
  • Unification of conventions
  • Making suitable changes to data, enabling BI downstream

This empowers business users with access to accurate, clean, unified, and uniform data needed for generating reports and analytics. Users can schedule  data transformation automation in advance too. Being scalable, Mozart enables incremental transformation for processing large volumes of data quickly, at lower costs. This also helps business users and data scientists focus on data analysis, than on data wrangling.

Benefits of Mozart Data Platform

Some of the features of Mozart Modern Data Platform, that enable data transformation at scale, include:

Fast Synchronization

Mozart Data Platform allows no-code integration of data sources for faster and reliable access.

Integrate Data to Answer Complex Questions

By integrating data from different databases and third-party tools, Mozart helps business users make decisions quickly and respond in a timely manner, even as the business and data grow.

Synchronize with Google Sheets

It enables users to collaborate with others and operationalize data in a tool they’re most comfortable using: Google Sheets. It allows data to be synchronized with Google Sheets or enables a one-off manual export.

Use Cases of the Mozart Data Platform

Mozart Data Platform is suitable for all kinds of industries, businesses of any size, and for a variety of applications. Some of these include:


Mozart enables data-driven marketing by providing insights and answers to queries faster. It creates personalized promotions and increases ROI by segmenting users, tracking campaign KPIs, and identifying appropriate channels for the campaigns.


It improves strategic decision-making, backed by data with self-service. It also automates tracking and monitoring of key business metrics. It slices and dices data from all sources and presents a holistic view of the same by predicting trends, expenses, revenues and costs.


It helpsplan expenses and incomes, track expenditure, and automate financial reporting. Finance professionals can access data without depending on the IT team and automate processes to reduce human error.

Revenue Operations

It improves revenue-generation through innovation and identifies opportunities for growth with greater visibility into all functions. It also empowers different departments with data to track performance, and allocate budgets accordingly.

Data Engineers

It encourages data engineers to build data stacks quickly and not worry about maintenance.It provides end-users with clean data for generating reports and analytics.

Indium to Build Mozart Data Platform at Scale for Your Organization

Indium Software is a cutting edge data solution provider that empowers businesses with access to data that help them break barriers to innovation and accelerate growth. Our team of data engineers, data scientists, and analysts combine technical expertise with experience to understand the unique needs of our customers and provide solutions best suited to achieve their business goals.

We are recognized by ISG as a Strong Contender for Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Lifecycle Management Services. Our range of services include Application Engineering, Data and Analytics, Cloud Engineering, Data Assurance, and Low Code Development. Our cross-domain experiences provide us with insights into how different industries function and the data needs of the businesses operating in that environment.


What are some of the benefits of Mozart Data Platform?

Mozart Data Platform simplifies data workflows and can be set up within an hour. More than 10 times the number of employees can access data. It is 76% faster in providing insights and is 30% cheaper to assemble than an in-house data stack.

Does Mozart provide reliable data?

With Mozart, be assured of reliable data. Quality is checked proactively, errors are identified, and alerts sent to enable fixing them.

Author: Indium
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