Game Testing; Not as Easy as It Sounds!

The Gaming!! industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is growing sturdily. The game’s success largely depends on the quality and performance of the game. This is where game testing comes into picture.

High Quality testing is important for the game’s success. There are different types of games such as, Console, PC, Mobile, Web-based and AR/VR etc.

Each of them are unique by its own irrespective of the platform. And the quality of the game is correspondingly significant regardless of the platform.

A Blockbuster game always aims to meet and exceed the player’s expectations. A superior game testing service helps achieve this goal.

As part of game testing, the game will be tested across platforms, performance, privacy and security of the game. Thus enhancing the standard of the game.

Testing Multiplayer Feature

Testing multiplayer games is one of the biggest challenge for any organization. Multi player is about recreating a scenario of many players, this can be challenging as players are from across the globe and not from the same room.

Sometimes it is impossible to recreate the test scenario.

Test Game Authenticity

It is never forgivable to have an insecure authentication system. Nobody wants to see their saved game crash or score not updating because of a bug.

Imagine yourself spending hours of time playing a game, spending money buying gears and weapons, and find out that you couldn’t proceed to next level because of the authenticity of the game.

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So it is the tester’s job to take care of the bug and make sure the game is authenticated properly.

Apart from this, there are other authentications like user authentication, devise authentication and social authentication to be taken care of.

Testing Across Platforms

Choosing the right game platform leads to the success of a game. Over the past decade, a lot of new consoles have been introduced in the market.

There are numerous platforms and engines in the market. It may seem exciting for a game tester to test across platforms.

But in reality, this is painful task. As the game tester needs have complete knowledge of all platforms and be trained across platforms. Most importantly, the game should be bug free across platforms.

Social Media Integration

Social media games were introduced by Facebook and has become popular ever since. The launch of Wii U in 2013 made it evident that social media games is here to stay and will play a major role in gaming industry.

Today, most of the games are connected with the social profiles, in other words social media integration has to be done properly and game testers have to be more focused.

Game Performance Testing

No game can be released without testing the performance of the game. With more MMO games releasing lately, the focus is shifting towards network based games. Hence a load test is mandatory before the release.

The challenge here is to check for the performance of the game in combination across device, hardware, software and platforms.

The other challenge will be to check the security of the game, as the game is played online and around the world. The tester has to ensure that the game can withstand external attacks and vulnerabilities.