Building good Customer Intimacy

Building good Customer Intimacy is very important because it improves efficiency of work process and assures good delivery. It calls for an intimate understanding of the customers.

In Indium, one of our strengths has been to develop good customer relationship. We do this in two ways:

  • Through clear and frequent communication
  • Anticipating technical needs and providing solutions


Since face to face communication for an overseas client is limited we ensure that the voice call and chat channels are always kept open.

There are at least two calls a week and now with the advancement of technology video calls make it almost possible to simulate face to face conversation.

Apart from calls all team members are logged on to AOL to facilitate quick access for the client.

A personal touch always helps so we begin conversing with a friendly greeting. When required we ask for clarifications in order to understand the requirement clearly rather than base our understanding on assumptions.

In order to build a good rapport with the client, team members occasionally visit the customer. This gives the customer an opportunity to have direct interaction with the offsite team. We have seen that this builds mutual trust.

Technical Support

From more a project perspective, there are few recent steps taken by the OVE Offshore team to refine the application.

Functionality Metrics: We use this forum to discuss ways it improve the application for better user experience.

On the automation front: We have reworked on the framework, improving the execution time and most importantly a more user friendly report structure. This way a layman knows what the script has helped test.

Process: We have introduced documenting everything we do as practice.

The keys to develop good customer relationship are:

  • Politeness – Always be cordial and exhibit a willing to help attitude.
  • Promptness – Reply to an email or chat conversation as soon as you are approached.
  • Precision – Be clear and don’t beat around the bush. Provide complete information.

The above will always stand you in good stead.

To conclude good Customer Intimacy brings customer loyalty like nothing else. It is the largest source of growth, sustainable competitive advantage and profit.

Customer Intimacy means you develop lasting relationships with your clients. Everyone in the organization should practice it.