6 Low Code Business Solutions That Will Help You Save Time and Money

Creating applications (apps) without hiring professional developers, waiting for months or days, or spending a lot of money is practical in today’s corporate world. This is possible due to advancements in technology.

In building functional apps, you do not need expert coding knowledge. Low code business solutions assure you write minimal codes in the current circumstance. Also, it allows you to build apps that modernize and run your enterprise.

Additionally, to create apps, low-code business solutions deliver straightforward workflow automation. This will help improve your business operations and equip you with extra capabilities that support business growth and add to its functions.

Let us explore the best six low-code business solutions and discuss how they can help your business.

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Low Code Business Solutions That Will Save You Time and Money

There are diverse low-code development platforms available in the corporate market, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Here we will discuss some of your top choices in the current market and see what they have in store.

1. Mendix

Mendix allows building applications of your imagination, from enterprise-grade apps that ease your business operations to management tools that save time. Mendix is a low-code business solution anyone can use to enhance their enterprise. This results from the platform delivering quality apps without requiring complicated codes.

Mendix is an app creation platform that supports the development of impact-driven software that you can deploy in the short run and quickly grow your business. You can develop apps in different industries, including logistics tracking, analytics and reporting, digital insurance solutions, delivery management, plant equipment maintenance, artificial intelligence (AI) face recognition, smart banking, high-value asset field service, and others.

You only need a compelling idea to get rolling with Mendix and create an app. It is an all-in-one low-code business solution that can help you develop top-quality apps. This is through automation and abstraction of the software development procedures.

Mendix delivers end-to-end procedure automation through apps that bring together people, data, and systems. Additionally, you can combine data and logic from different systems, services, or sources, making your applications vast and open to various models, apps, and platforms.

2. OutSystems

OutSystems is changing software development by assisting you in creating and quickly deploying sophisticated apps that can adapt to changing business needs. This low-code business solution supports the development of amazingly fast, model-driven apps using AI, DevOps, and the cloud.

OutSystems simplifies and facilitates app lifecycle optimization, persistently adds new capabilities and features, and delivers updated cloud technologies. You can update and deploy apps in a single click while automatically assessing app dependencies to keep up with deployment. With this business solution, you can easily deliver cloud apps, remain updated with changing enterprise needs, and address app backlog to facilitate innovations.

3. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code business solution that allows the easy creation of apps and extends and seamlessly integrates their functionality. Irrespective of your coding level expertise or the complexity of the coding requirements, Zoho Creator makes the entire process secure, easy, and fast. The platform revolutionizes your business by delivering personalized, tailored solutions. In this case, you can create the apps you imagined.

This platform helps anyone create apps quickly as long as you know your business logic well. It offers a library of amazing app templates you can install and personalize to address your business needs. With the platform, you get templates for inventory management, logistics, vendor management, distributor management, and order management.

4. Caspio

Caspio is a perfect low-code business solution for creating reliable, scalable, and secure online database applications. Their intuitive tools for visual development allow you to create improved cloud apps with reports, dashboards, and forms within a short time. You can model, create, and run apps with their smooth point-and-click tools. In the end, you can perfectly launch your apps on any intranet, site, or portal.

This platform allows you to develop countless online database apps in diverse use cases, including finance, human resource, support, administration, operations, information technology (IT), marketing, and sales. Data visualization helps you modernize your apps with scheduling, calendars, reports, and charts. Also, you can easily leverage workflow automation.

5. Airtable

Airtable low-code business solution delivers the power of an excellent database that can help you get started faster. The platform motivates you to create business solutions with advanced sophistication and capabilities. Moreover, it delivers numerous templates for product tracking, launch, bug tracking, product catalog, planning, and others. It can help improve teamwork using custom notifications and repetitive work automation.

Airtable streamlines workflow through app integration with services such as Google Sheets, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Slack, etc. The platform permits you to easily team up anywhere, with anyone, and at any time. You can comment, edit, and sync changes on anyone’s device via their native mobile apps and desktop.

6. m-Power

The m-Power business solution provides low code development, mobile modernization, dashboards, reporting, and business intelligence in one platform. With m-Power, you develop web apps using procedures that integrate flexibility and simplicity. You can include custom templates and business logic and handle underlying app code when necessary.

This platform is designed as the most open business solution. It is created on collections and open frameworks, which helps it generate standard code and operates on similar technologies employed by modern developers. You can develop unlimited apps, have unlimited users, or even sell your apps. With m-Power, you get an uncommon mix of abilities and ultimate control over customization.

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Low-code business solutions offer visual and intuitive tools for enterprises to maximize their app development procedures. Investing in low-code platforms can be worthwhile as a modern solution to innovate and scale up operations. Mendix, OutSystems, Zoho Creator, Caspio, Airtable, and m-Power are some of the top low-code development choices in today’s market. Aware of their capabilities, you can now opt for a low-code solution that suits your business needs.

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