Pentest Approach to Mitigate a Malicious Attack

6 Minute Read A malicious attack is a way hackers try to take advantage of someone’s computer either through viruses, phishing or other kinds of social engineering.


Shifting From DevOps to DevSecOps

9 Minute Read Businesses are starting to realize the importance of security, since, majority of the data breaches are due to a software vulnerability. Earlier, security testing was performed towards the fag end of the project.


An Overview to DevSecOps

8 Minute Read DevSecOps is the process of introducing security at the early stages of software development.


7 Security Testing Certifications You Need to become an Ethical Hacker

11 Minute Read As an ethical hacker, you have an odd job. Companies hire you to compromise a product’s security. You’re someone who finds “holes” in the final product.


8 important things to keep in mind while testing an eCommerce website

6 Minute Read We are living in the digital era, where Omni channel retail and seamless shopping experience are a necessity from a customer’s perspective.


API Testing vs Web Services Testing

8 Minute Read When we talk about APIs and Web Services, while being related to each other to some extent, there are a lot of aspects which can help you to differentiate between them.


4 Ways Your Organization Can Benefit From PCI DSS Compliance

7 Minute Read Data Breach! You must be hearing about this a lot in recent times. Unfortunately, data breaches are happening more frequently and retail e-commerce sites are the most frequent victims. Stealing credit card information will cause financial loss for…


Can Penetration Testing Protect Your Retail Business?

8 Minute Read The retail industry boasts the most number of transactions executed in any industry. It is cited that 22% of the total data breaches involved are from the retail industry according to a recent Global Security Report. In 2020,…


Top 10 Security Assessment Tools

8 Minute Read Protecting confidential data has become the top priority for organizations. The constant cybersecurity attacks have become a major concern for consumers. According to a recent survey on Data Privacy, 68% of consumers don’t trust brands with their personal…


What is VAPT and Why would your Organization need it?

5 Minute Read Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a testing process to find security bugs within a software program or a computer network. VAPT is often misunderstood as two different types of testing techniques. Conversely, these two should be…