What is your store showing you Understand it with retail analytics!

What Is Your Store Showing You: Understand It With Retail Analytics!

8 Minute Read You need to be more data centric to achieve success in retail industry. If you rely on hard data and retail analytics instead of the guesswork,


Market Basket Explained

10 Minute Read Long ago, not so long ago, I remember having my head in my hands sitting in the couch staring at the pile of items my wife and I bought from the DollarStore.


How Big Data Analytics is Disrupting The Retail Industry

9 Minute Read The retail industry is growing at a considerable pace! Isn’t that a term we have all heard? Let me tell you this, it is not growing at a considerable pace, it is freaking booming! Just to give you…


Hurdles in Big Data Analytics for Retail

9 Minute Read Retail is one of the oldest platforms for a buyer to interact with a seller. Long before ECommerce and m-Commerce hit it big, the retail industry relied on great product displays, competitive pricing and effective salesmanship to get…