Let me start by defining Gamification: Gamification is changing something that already exists by integrating game design elements and principles to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty. Indium Software

Regression Testing for a Game Software

Regression Testing for a Game Software

We have discussed a lot about the video game market. It is forecasted that the global games market will reach up to $ 108 Billion with a mobile gaming percentage of 42%. Indium Software

Mobile Game Performance Testing

Mobile Game Testing – Performance Testing Evaluation

This article is the continuation of our previous topic in Mobile Game Testing. In this article, we are going to discuss the State of Mobile Gaming with the key aspects of mobile game performance evaluation. Indium Software


Understanding Gamer’s Psyche

Video games always give phenomenal experience to the gamers who play it. Those who are a part of gaming fraternity will always be proud of it. Most gamers abide to rules, traditions, and a set of standards. The…

Top Game QA

Who we are? One of the Top Gaming QA Companies in the World

Who we are? One of the top Gaming QA Companies in the world Indium, as a company, has over 4 years of experience in offering gaming QA services for video game industry. We’re passionate about what we do….