11 Open Source Automation Tools For Your Automation Needs

Test automation has proven to increase the speed, quality, and efficiency of the software in many ways. Listed below are top 11 open source tools for your automation needs. Steffy DSteffy D works for Indium software as a…

12 Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Automation Scripts Using iSAFE Framework

Aishwarya LVAishwarya LV is a Senior Test Engineer with 4+ years of experience in the field of Software Test Automation. She is an expert in Selenium Automation scripting with JAVA and worked on different automation tools like Selenium,…

API Testing vs Web Services Testing

When we talk about APIs and Web Services, while being related to each other to some extent, there are a lot of aspects which can help you to differentiate between them. Thus the API testing and web service…

Top API Testing Tools

10 API Testing Tools to Try this Year

According to Zion Market Research, Global API Management Market to Register $3,436.16M Growth by 2022. Indium Software

6 Metrics to Measure DevOps Test Automation

6 Metrics to Measure DevOps Test Automation

Can speed and quality go together? Indium Software

7 Techniques for Automated Testing

As we know, automated testing, especially framework-based, offers several benefits. There is a reduction in testing effort, testing schedule, better regression testing, greater test coverage and improved productivity. Indium Software

Mobile Game Performance Testing

Mobile Game Testing – Performance Testing Evaluation

This article is the continuation of our previous topic in Mobile Game Testing. In this article, we are going to discuss the State of Mobile Gaming with the key aspects of mobile game performance evaluation. Indium Software