Testing Federal Bank Application – A Success Story

2 Minute Read Indium is one of the leading preferred QA partners for the home loan banks in the US. Indium Software has been one of the early birds in the testing space providing End to End Testing/QA Services across a…


Testing Total Maintenance System

3 Minute Read How well does your application behave to numerous or Large number of user requests? Will it give up due to increasing load? Can it handle enhancements? Have you ever realized that your application lacks usability?


eCommerce Web App Testing – A Success Story

2 Minute Read Indium successfully completes a software testing engagement for all the on-line properties at one of the world’s leading auction companies. Indium Software has been in the forefront of testing services for the last 13 years across a wide-range…


Do we have Risk IQ??

3 Minute Read Risk IQ? – Risk Identification & Qualification As all know very crucial part of project is to effectively manage and mitigate the risks which are associated with Cost, Schedule and Product quality This blog helps you to understand…


Ban’KING’ Application should be validated as a ‘KING’

3 Minute Read The present growth of universe is unarguable due to the enhancement of technology. In the recent days the technology has become the part and parcel of our daily life. With the advent of new softwares, all the functions…

Testing Health Care Application

< 1 minute Software application facilitates all aspects of healthcare operations. Failure of application could have an impact on patient care, affect business processes and cost to fix it could be substantial.

Functional Testing Guide

2 Minute Read Find Defects before your customers do In today’s global economy, introducing newer software applications/products are critical for a business to retain and gain market share. Indium’s Outsourced Functional Testing Practice helps these businesses ensure the functionality, usability and…