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Having an outsider’s perspective on your software testing and QA approach may help you spot blind spots and identify opportunities to improve end-product quality. After all, as companies rapidly embrace digital transformation and automation, there’s a critical need to have a well-documented QA strategy in place.

There is no doubt that Digital and Quality Assurance cannot be an afterthought. In fact, to deliver high-quality software to the market on time, it is paramount to have a robust process in place for testing.

This not only includes performance, functionality, security, and compatibility testing but also deep capabilities in data assurance, customer experience testing, business value chain testing, API/integration testing, etc.

At Indium Software, our team of business consultants, SDETs, and QA professionals bring in 22+ years of software testing experience, combined with a strong understanding of digital engineering and transformation. Additionally, uphoriX – Indium’s Smart Test Automation Platform, is built to drive efficiency, agility, and nimbleness into the QA process

Test Advisory & Consulting - Key Practice Areas

Indium’s Test Advisory Practice combines the experience of its 400+ SDETs with top-notch automation expertise – to handcraft a robust software testing strategy that works.



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