Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning as a Service:

Indium Software offers a range of machine learning services, leveraging machine intelligence to capture the unexploited areas of business models. We train and deploy machine learning models and use it to provide solutions for businesses and allow them to stay ahead of the competition.

Indium Software’s data scientists explore and prepare data using interactive data analysis and visualization techniques for creating machine learning models. Our proficiency in Python and R interactive tools and environments specifically designed for this task makes us a preferred partner for businesses across verticals, across globe.

Indium Software also offers supervised and unsupervised learning. We also work with pretrained models if required.

Indium Software’s data science capabilities enable it to leverage ML and Deep Learning for a variety of operations and its solution offerings include:

Tools & Technology Expertise

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Image Analysis

Images also are data and carry vital information that cannot be easily accessed by traditional methods of data analysis. Using ML and Deep Learning, Indium Software helps in image analytics:

Image tagging

We develop algorithms to recognize a particular image as a written character and translate a scanned text document into a digital file catering to various uses like data grouping and image processing.

Text Analysis

Text can be used to for data gathering as well as for assessing the mood. We are experts in artificial intelligence applications of text analytics like – developing natural language processing AI models, text mining etc. Indium Software uses ML & Deep Learning for:

Sentiment Analysis:

We classify the opinion intended by the writer as positive, negative or neutral to aid in future marketing strategies and product development.

Information Extraction:

Our algorithm design which we develop can dig up exact pieces of information like names, keywords, web links etc.


Our machine learning approach helps in classifying data as a tweet, post, blog and more for organizations that have massive inflow of social content every day.

Improved Content Discovery:

Our approach helps obtain intelligence about what content users are likely to follow and read based on their interests. Pushing articles on topics of their interest can help create a personalized experience for the users.

Data Analysis

Once data has been gleaned and cleaned, Indium Software runs analytics on them for gaining insights. Some of the purposes the data analytics help in include:


We can be of help in the banking sector by analyzing credit worthiness and the probability of loan defaulters. Certain other applications of predictive analytics which we can help you with include building predictive models of prices in the market and market volatility, risk management and trading.

Anomaly detection:

We can help detect fraud by identifying transactions that are outside the general/usual purchase patterns of the user and warn them. Fake accounts can also be blocked by e-commerce websites using pattern recognition.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is an extremely important aspect of Machine learning and we at Indium Software generate models that help extrapolate this important data using the latest visualization tools in an easy and readable format.

Machine Learning Platforms we work on include:

If you are already hosting your data on AWS, you are reaping the best benefits of Amazon machine learning. We at Indium can help you harness the power of its wizards, data visualization tools and manage your Amazon infrastructure.

We can help you setup your system to extract the entire potential of Google’s ML services that analyze data and predict results. We can also obtain datasets from Google cloud storage or work with Google BigQuery.

Azure machine learning helps build data-driven applications to predict, forecast and change future outcomes. We can help you leverage the full potential of Azure ML.



To derive the greatest benefit from sales and promotional endeavours, Indium Software helps the sales and marketing team to gain insights that can help them in many ways, including:

  • Get alerts about customers who may turn away to address their needs and win their loyalty back
  • Improve sales forecasting by generating new leads by understanding what customers are seeking, identifying the best fit and forecasting the time needed to close the deal. This in turn will help you allocate resources and predict sales projections
  • Understand customers and their needs better
  • Predict future needs and provide solutions
  • Quick and efficient handling of transactional tasks
  • Improved sales communication, be it answering queries, or developing new product features, or even deciding on the contract terms
  • Personalize mail campaigns to meet the requirements of the prospective customer. Make customized offers based on previous buying patterns.

Human Resources

Our solutions can help HR teams manage their people practice better by being able to:

Data Mining

Track and assess applicants

Manufacturing - Industries

Attract relevant talent

Technology - Industries

Detect attrition

education - Industries

Manage individual skills


Indium Software can help the finance use ML and deep learning in multiple ways, including:

  • Detecting fraud
  • Underwriting loan/insurance
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Portfolio management
  • Sentiment/new analysis
  • Customer service

The most important benefit of machine learning is that it gives you access to understanding high volumes of data easily and the best part is you have it at your fingertips.

Our expertise in Machine-Learning helps businesses explore the hidden reserves of data and make informed decisions from them.

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