Low-code QA Services

An upgraded testing methodology to address needs of applications built using low-code development platforms

As a pioneer in low-code development and Quality Assurance Indium’s unique approach to low-code QA is a game changer

Low-code application development platforms (LADP) has brought a lot more rapidness & agility in developing applications. LADP also provide inbuild testing suites that can be utilized to increase the test completion rate and improve test accuracy.

However, these testing approach does not address the very reason organizations embark on LADP – the need for speed.

Because every single configuration on LADP offers a different user behavior,   traditional testing approaches (testing after the application is hosted) leads to gaps.

Indium follows a “shift-up“ test approach that covers all the design aspects of LADP – Entities, Microflows etc, by leveraging Unit Test modules, AQM, APM etc. much earlier in the development cycle, leading to faster time to market and lesser errors.

Low-code QA - Key Capabilities

Indium’s novel approach to low-code testing is a combination of Direct model testing and Microflows testing,
starkly different from the traditional testing methods.


Direct Model Testing

By testing critical assumptions and requirements in parallel to development, low-code modules can be delivered at much faster pace.

Microflows Testing

Testing Microflows using the inherent automation testing module of low-code platform and Indium’s testing capabilities leads to lower TCO and faster time to market.

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Indium low-code testing Framework

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