Digital engineering solutions that makes businesses resilient and agile to the changing technology landscape

Industries today are witnessing evolving trends. Businesses need to constantly innovate without increasing the overhead cost to stay ahead of the competition and be relevant in the market. What you adopt today may not hold relevant for your businesses tomorrow. With customer expectations changing each day, processes are turning ephemeral, and the need to optimize cost and improve ROI is becoming imperative. With data-driven decision-making becoming the key, its vital for the business to have a connected ecosystem that seamlessly brings people, processes, and data together to provide real-time insights to optimize performance.

By opening multiple growth avenues, digital engineering boosts strategic initiatives and accelerates technology adoption by enterprises. Indium’s next-generation services will help you capitalize on the power of the cloud with AI-enabled automation and Digital Assurance, generating seamless outcomes. By accelerating digital transformation, we help clients enhance stakeholder satisfaction, and generate new revenue streams, thereby increasing your market share.

With over two decades of experience providing digital engineering solutions across different industries, Indium offers a diverse array of digital engineering solutions ranging from Application Engineering, Data and Analytics, Cloud Engineering, and Digital Assurance to Low Code Development services. We tailor our solutions to your unique needs to make your business resilient and agile to the changing technology landscape.

Industries to which we have been successfully catering our services


Healthcare and Lifesciences

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are undergoing rapid transformations. With the rising cost of medical care, regulatory changes, and cybersecurity, the healthcare industry faces multiple challenges along with the evolving and competitive landscape.Read More »

Banking and Financial Services

With increasing impetus on omni-channel banking experiences, the BFSI domain is evolving at an enormous speed. Increasing technology penetration and the rise of mobile banking have changed the rules of the industry.Read More »


Retail space has seen a drastic evolution over the years. Today, customers are looking for a seamless bespoke experience. For a retailer operating digital and physical stores, the value chain must be up to date so that the business can efficiently address the evolving customer needs.Read More »


The manufacturing industry has begun to realize the need for digitization to propel towards the M4.0. It means adoption of new technology to streamline operations, control costs, and optimize time-to-market.Read More »

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