Healthcare Digitalization with Indium

Digitalize your healthcare operations, optimize business processes, and make data-driven decisions with Indium’s customized healthcare solutions.

Customer-centricity is at the heart of everything we do at Indium. We support various leading Healthcare Payers, Providers, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare Technology firms with a blend of digital engineering, IPs, and consulting offerings.

We help healthcare companies redefine their business processes to augment member/patient experiences, drive better care and optimize their spending. With our strong industry and business process knowledge coupled with expertise in technology, we consistently strive to develop innovative solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Healthcare Businesses We Support

At Indium, we recognize the dual mandates ( Increase the quality of care and optimize the cost of care) that Healthcare Industry is facing . We recognize that every healthcare organization is at varied stages in the digital transformation journey and hence we provide customized solutions to improve their digital maturity.

Our team of skilled healthcare professionals is committed to delivering tailor-made solutions to aid healthcare payers, providers, pharmaceuticals, and ISVs in reaching their business goals.

Healthcare Payers

We develop innovative solutions that are designed to optimize the performance of healthcare payer organizations.

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    Benefits & Enrollment Platform

    offers a gateway solution to efficiently process Medicare and Medicaid membership and eligibility, handling over 100K transactions per year.

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    Dynamic benefit coding solution

    is based on benefits summary documents and possesses extensive knowledge on coding various benefit configurations.

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    Digital Assurance Service

    include functional testing, test automation, performance engineering, and data assurance testing.

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    Partnerships with AWS, Azure, and GCP

    cloud providers enable us to provide both consulting and advisory services for on-prem to cloud migration.

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    New customers’ onboarding solution

    provides remediated end-to-end claim processing applications for onboarding new payers to support ASO processes, including member engagement and provider experience portals.

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    Member analytics

    leverages AI and ML to extract data from patient clinical systems and EMR systems, supporting prediction models based on disease/drug categories.

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    Digital Engineering Services

    cover end-to-end green field applications using modern tech stacks and full-stack engineering.

Healthcare Providers

All global healthcare providers aim to deliver top-notch care, while effectively managing expenses and optimizing operations. We offer bespoke solutions that can aid healthcare providers in meeting these objectives. Our offerings include:

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    Remote Patient Monitoring

    provides a Telehealth and monitoring portal/mobile app with a comprehensive clinical workflow. This service enables real-time collaboration between physicians, caregivers, and ICU staff, including video conferencing.

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    Clinical decision-making

    is facilitated by our Greenfield application, which allows physicians to determine treatment pathways for oncology patients with extensive disease management workflows and predictive analytics.

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    Patient 360

    solution integrates data from disparate clinical systems to build a longitudinal health record for patients, providing a 360-degree view of patients’ treatment episodes.

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    Population Health Management

    services include various custom and product development efforts to segment patients based on chronic disease categories and drive focused care management plans

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    Analytical Solution for Preventive Care Management

    identifies vulnerable patient populations based on pre-existing conditions and clinical notes, with an automated workflow for patient enrollment in preventive care programs.

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We comprehend the unique challenges that pharmaceutical companies encounter while developing & launching new drugs and conforming to regulatory standards. Therefore, we provide pharmaceutical companies with state-of-the-art tools to enhance drug discovery, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance. Our offerings include:

Green field application development for the pharmaceutical business process (the entire gamut of Market Selection, Cost Optimization, Regulatory & Reporting process) through Low Code platform

Clinical Trials solution with complete workflow the medical oncology patients

Process modelling solution for the Selection to Commercialization value chain in pharmaceutical business through Low Code platform

Patient engagement mobile applications with comprehensive clinical workflow for the Irritable Bowel Disease


As an ISV, it is crucial to provide high-quality software products that cater to the evolving needs of your customers, particularly in the healthcare industry. At Indium, we offer ISVs an array of Application Engineering, Data & Analytics and Digital Assurance services to ensure the quality and dependability of healthcare software products.

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    AI solution

    enables smell digitization by ingesting data from olfactory sensors and classifying smell/sense patterns to trigger alerts on abnormalities.

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    Virtual Telehealth

    application supports ICU/CCU care management teams with video conferencing and real-time collaboration features, enabling seamless care management.

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    Data Archival solution

    on Cloud helps larger EMR system to archive the historical records through well-defined ETL pipelines

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    Claim submission on the go

    Reusable AI and ML solution that derives clinical insights/diagnosis from the Physician-Patient audio conversations and enable downstream process to build clean claims records for the RCM systems

Leading the way to smart Healthcare

At Indium, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service and value to our customers, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives and drive positive outcomes for their members and patients. Snapshot of our transformative solutions in “Incubator”:

GPT as “Consumer BOT”: Our homegrown Tex.AI coupled with GPT 3.5 offers unparalleled outreach for the customer service agents to support Members queries on the Eligibility and Benefits from thousands of benefit summary text/PDF files.

Our plug-and-play AI/ML model identifies social determinants of health (SDOH) parameters from clinical structured/unstructured data, including physician notes, clinical texts, Z Codes enabling care providers to identify vulnerable patients at the onset of the disease.

Our Chabot/voice bot solution for care management streamlines the appointment scheduling process, records medical conditions, refills medication orders, and connects patients with physicians/nurses, improving care management and communication.

Our integrated analytical solution for customer sentiment analysis allows us to understand patient satisfaction levels and devise ways to improve their experience.

Indium as a Preferred Partner

Our team at Indium is dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs and tailoring our solutions to fit their unique challenges. Our focus on customer-centricity means that we always seek feedback and ways to improve. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers, providing ongoing support and collaboration to ensure that our solutions continue to meet their evolving needs.

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