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Today, enterprises are embracing emerging technologies like IoT, blockchain, AI and advanced analytics to become more agile and data-driven. Software applications that use these technologies cannot be tested for quality using a manual, traditional process.

There is a critical need to embrace AI based test automation, ideally with a platform that can support end-to-end testing covering functional, API, data, performance, and security as well. Additionally, one needs to integrate QA into the DevOps process and also make sure there is a strategy in place for data assurance.

Indium adopts a Shift Left approach to Future Tech testing. Using the uphoriX platform, we automate various key processes including test data management, test environment deployment, validation, and ongoing monitoring. Additionally, our SDETs, bring in not only expertise in QA but also a deep understanding of digital and data engineering. The capabilities of our SDETs coupled with a proven test automation platform like uphoriX, helps us streamline the end-to-end QA process for IoT Testing, AI model testing, NFT blockchain testing, etc.

Future Tech Testing - Key Capabilities

We use a combination of test automation and expert SDETs to ensure digital quality assurance of your new-age applications that use AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc.



uphoriX: The Smart Test Platform

Wouldn’t it be great if all QA requirements could be fulfilled with a one-stop solution? That helps save software testing costs, expedites the testing process, and accelerates digital transformation projects.

Indium Software’s Smart Test Platform, uphoriX, is the answer to all your software testing needs. Its advantages? Parallel testing, scripts reusability, Test automation, compatibility…

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