Uphorix-A Next Generation Test Automation Platform

Key Highlights

  • Importance of Test Automation: In today’s world of fast-paced software development, testing needs to keep pace. Test automation helps to improve efficiency and accuracy of testing, while reducing costs.
  • Benefits of Test Automation Frameworks: Test automation frameworks provide a structured approach to test automation, which can save time and effort, improve maintainability of test scripts, and facilitate reusability.
  • UphoriX – A Next-Gen Smart Test Automation Platform: UphoriX is a test automation platform that offers a variety of features to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of test automation, including low-code automation, intelligent script maintenance, Flexi Grab, Script Once NFT (Non-Functional Testing), and native test data generation.
  • Benefits of UphoriX: UphoriX provides a number of benefits, including faster testing cycles, easier use, support for multiple CI/CD tools, parallel testing, and improved collaboration between functional and non-functional testing teams.