Real Time Data Streaming using STRIIM

Key Highlights

  • Importance of Real-Time Data Streaming: Digital transformation is driving the need for real-time data processing. Batch data collection is no longer sufficient, and Striim offers a solution for continuous and real-time data movement.
  • Benefits of Striim: The whitepaper mentions benefits of Striim but doesn’t explicitly list them. It focuses on the challenges Striim addresses, which likely implies benefits like improved decision-making, faster response times, and handling large data volumes.
  • Challenges Addressed by Striim: Striim helps overcome challenges associated with real-time data movement. These challenges include ensuring reliable and scalable data movement, transformation, and enrichment.
  • Striim Best Practices: The paper outlines best practices for real-time data movement, including a “Streaming-First” approach with technologies like Change Data Capture (CDC) and file tailing. Striim claims to have these best practices built-in for increased efficiency.