Low Code Testing and Quality Assurance

Key Highlights

  • Microservices and cloud-based platform: The brokerage embraced a microservice-based architecture on Mendix’s cloud-based platform, providing a unified framework for its globally dispersed team of 82,000+ real estate professionals.
  • Low-Code development with Mendix: Indium Software utilized Mendix’s low-code development, visual modeling, and collaborative features to implement best working practices, achieving rapid onboarding of 20,000 users and ensuring a one-stop solution for development, technology transformation, and quality assurance.
  • Shift-left testing for Low-code apps: Indium Software, equipped with 150+ experienced low-code developers, emphasized the significance of shift-left testing for low-code applications. This approach accelerates releases, minimizes errors, and allows businesses to focus on innovation and quality for shorter release cycles and faster growth.
  • Global impact and growth: With operations in 21+ countries, the brokerage experienced faster time-to-market, reduced errors, and enhanced focus on innovation and quality, showcasing the growing popularity of low-code development as a catalyst for transformative success in the real estate industry.