Ensure Low Latency to Process IoT Data with the Right Cloud Architecture

Key Highlights

  • IoT market surge: The IoT market is poised for exponential growth, projected to reach $2 trillion annually by 2027, with significant investments from technology providers and investors.
  • Diverse industry adoption: Leading investors in IoT, contributing around $40 billion, span industries like discrete manufacturing, transportation, logistics, utilities, retail, healthcare, government, and insurance.
  • Advantages of IoT: IoT devices offer diverse benefits, including improved productivity, optimal resource utilization, enhanced safety, and cost-effectiveness. However, realizing their full potential requires addressing the challenges of latency.
  • Latency challenges: The whitepaper identifies two primary challenges – delays in connecting and impact on user experience due to communication latency caused by physical and logical distances. The proposed solution involves deploying an agile and flexible cloud architecture to mitigate these issues.