Information technology is not only transforming other industries by providing solutions that improve efficiencies and reach but is also undergoing a transformation as new, cutting edge technologies further enhance IT capabilities. Developers and IT companies, therefore, need to be agile and up to date to be able to benefit from and leverage these technologies.

Indium Software has decades of experience in the development and testing of IT products and solutions, has built its capabilities and is constantly upgrading it to provide state-of-the-art solutions to its customers in achieving their business goals.

The technologies we work with include:

Hardware and Embedded

Some of the key areas where Indium Software has expertise in include:

Re-engineering Technologies: To protect IT investments by reengineering legacy products and solutions to web-based technologies

Cloud and Mobile: Providing consulting, engineering and automation services for Cloud Migration, Microservice Architecture, enable Responsive Web Application, develop Hybrid Mobile Application

Leverage Connected Systems: Connecting devices with computing power, software and the internet have improved the way businesses are conducted. But it also requires better synchronization across connected devices, applications, and systems. Indium Software enables this through end-to-end IoT solution from device to cloud to visualization. We also enable integration of systems, application and structured as well as unstructured data by using appropriate technologies.

Data Insight and Visualization: Leverage Big Data to derive insights for decision support

We enable this through a four-pronged approach that includes:

  • Consulting involving assessing existing technologies, analyzing gaps, planning a roadmap, designing the blueprint and building prototypes.
  • Engineering that involves designing and building the product and platform.
  • Automated testing using our IP-led iAccelerate suit of test automation framework
  • Provide managed services through deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of the solution.


Indium Software leverages the DevOps principles to enhance communication, collaboration, integration and automation for faster and agile delivery by shortening the software development and testing lifecycle. This not only ensures faster time-to-market of software products and services but also improves operational performance significantly while reaching new features and products to the customers quickly.

Our process-based approach ensures a fool-proof development and test environment and includes:

  • Assessing and strategizing based on the current DevOps maturity model
  • Visualizing the goal and drawing a roadmap
  • Establishing metrics to assess progress and success

At the implementation stage, Indium Software follows the process of:

  • Developing a pilot framework for standardizing DevOps setup
  • Leveraging existing tools and integrating them with Indium Software’s open source and licensed tools for agile delivery.
  • Managing and upgrading the environment to suit the new needs
  • Implementing the design with periodic reviews for mid-course correction where needed

Indium Software’s Approach

Automation being a key feature of DevOps, Indium Software implements automated provisioning that helps scale up of servers quickly, eliminating server state mismatch and server deployment real state.

Through Indium Software’s configuration management services, we help manage existing codes, automate platforms by eliminating configuration mismatch, and automate for accurate and faster configuration deployment.

Through Continuous Integration, Indium Software improves team productivity while delivering QA code, Verified artifacts, and high-quality build and code reports.


Mobile has been key in enabling businesses to reach their customers anytime, anywhere. Disruptive technologies such as Augmented Reality, IoT and Artificial Intelligence along with security, have enabled providing personalized experiences that ensure customer loyalty and increased repeat business.

Indium Software’s well equipped Mobile lab ensures the development of apps that are compatible with different devices, is intuitive and engaging.

Our solutions optimize content, convenience, context, productivity and performance that is supported by research for understanding user needs, analysis for insights into customer behavior and competitive benchmarking to help customers maintain a lead. Information Architecture, Wireframes, UI Design, and Clickable prototypes support the development process to ensure customer delight.

We offer app development across industry verticals for

  • Native Apps on iOS and Android
  • Cross-Platform – Xamarin, React Native, Ionic
  • Frameworks
  • Multi-Device – Smartphones, Smart TVs, Wearables

The development effort is ably supported by an experienced testing team and a test automation framework, that helps achieve the goal of customer delight by ensuring platform-agnostic, browser-agnostic, device-agnostic apps that are secure.

In addition, we also provide managed services for continued support in the form of changes to content, APIs and third-party integrations; app upgrades to correspond to OS changes, and track user behavior and application usage for future enhancements.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is enabling networking different devices remotely and promoting smarter working not only at the enterprise level but even at homes. However, it is yet to unleash its full potential as organizations are slowly realizing the opportunities and overcoming challenges to facilitate this further.

Indium has the capability to deliver IoT-powered solutions and can help organisations efficiently connect and scale leveraging augmented intelligence for better decision making.

This along with the analysis of new data can help create meaningful strategies that can transform business processes. We also design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end to end IoT processes, as well as seamlessly integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture.

Our technical expertise is supplemented by domain expertise and we work across verticals with clients from across the world, in devices ranging from wearables, healthcare to security. Our Big Data capability further helps customers improve business efficiency in a secure ecosystem.

Indium Software Service Offerings

Indium Software works closely with its customers at different stages of development providing services in:

  • Consulting and Solution Development
  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Creating business process models using technology and process consulting
  • Identifying the need and developing a blueprint
  • Enable product and service enhancements

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Indium Software office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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