Voice of Customer Insights leveraging teX.ai for a Implementing Text Analytics Algorithms to benefit academia & Multinational Sport Retailer

Project Overview

Indium successfully conducted Voice of Customer (VoC) insights by analyzing customer reviews using teX.ai. The system entailed creating a data pipeline to collect and aggregate all customer reviews in a centralized location. Subsequently, analytics models were deployed to classify and categorize the data based on predefined rules. Additionally, an application was developed to present the results of these models to various stakeholders. Interactive dashboards, root cause analysis capabilities, push notifications, and other features were implemented to maximize the business value derived from the insights

About Client

The client is a multinational sports goods retailer with retail outlets worldwide. Their focus on sports products and the surrounding sporting community has allowed them to invest in new innovations and technologies to deliver exceptional customer service to their global customer base.

Business Requirements

Having access to large volumes of customer reviews, the client wanted to leverage Indium’s help to analyze this huge unstructured data volume to obtain valuable insights which can then be used to improve customer experience.