Testing An AI Driven Platform For Asset Management

Project Overview

The client’s application is an AI-powered platform that offers automated and actionable analytics to Asset Management businesses on an individual customer level. It provides individualized action suggestions and channel strategies to increase customer growth, lifetime value, acquisition, valuation management, attrition, loyalty, offer decisions, and engagement tactics.

This AI-centric software is available for on-premises deployment and employs various Machine Learning methods, including Deep Learning on GPUs, in conjunction with considerable data engineering. The platform creates insights and analytics, which are then given to end users via a web application or a Salesforce app—these insights aid in predicting the next set of interactions for each consumer.

About Client

The world’s largest and most diverse analytics firm, with extensive expertise in gaining insights from structured and unstructured data in over 150 countries.

Business Challenges

  • Coordinating and driving four different teams to work together and ensure timely delivery of projects.
  • Performing quality assurance (QA) on the delivered projects.
  • Understanding the Data Science (DS) algorithms and preparing test data for testing purposes.
  • Conducting installer testing on both cloud and standalone servers.
  • Detecting and resolving unknown errors during the integration of Salesforce.
  • Performing database testing with millions of records and data.
  • Managing test environments on different servers, including cloud servers.