Revamping Legacy Data Store to elevate operational efficiency for an Airline Company using Striim

Project Overview

Indium supported the client in migrating their legacy Operational Data Store (ODS) which was running in Eastern Standard Time (EST) into the new Enterprise Operational Data Store (EODS) that operates in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) using the Striim platform. Additionally, Indium added new data sources in the EODS, developed new APIs to facilitate communication between different sources, and created Tableau reports & dashboards to aid the business user.

About Client

The client is a leading provider of aircraft and aviation operating solutions. The company’s services include aircraft, crew, commercial and military charter, maintenance, insurance freighter aircraft, and humanitarian mission aircraft to major airlines globally.

Business Requirements

  • The client’s legacy ODS had issues with concurrent processing and real-time API services. Hence, the data needed to be migrated from six legacy databases in ODS using the Striim as the Change Data Capture (CDC) tool to EODS for further analysis.
  • To convert the operation from EST to UTC. Though the primary reason for the change was to establish a standardized time zone in the Cargo-Airline industry, this would also provide the customers and clients with seamless local services in take-off/ landing time, reports in real-time, etc.,
  • Internal and external business users required reports accessible online with utmost security. Due to this, there was a need to deploy Tableau reports available online & bridge servers for a secure connection between all the data sources and produced Tableau reports.
  • To develop new APIs with increased reusability, security, and access control to protect sensitive data and enable communication between systems and optimize data sharing.