Real-Time Data Replication from Oracle On-Prem Database to GCP Using Striim

Project Overview

By using Striim, real-time data integration and data streaming was processed, in which a huge amount of data was migrated from Oracle database on-prem to a Postgres database on Google Cloud Platform. The architecture was implemented by enabling customized visualization, and effective data monitoring. To overcome the access restrictions on the Oracle database Striim Agent was leveraged, which acted as a third party for streaming the data. Additionally, instant alerts where created to notify when there were multiple streams of data being processed in the pipeline.

About Client

The client offers international banking and financial services, by rendering full-fledged internet banking for a vast number of customers across the globe. They required a storage house to accumulate vast amounts of data, as the database currently being used was cost prohibitive and a huge hassle to maintain and manage. Consequently, the client decided to move all the data from their local database to the cloud, while limiting direct access to the database.

Business Requirements

  • Migrate the data from the existing on-prem database to a database on a cloud platform.
  • Minimize the cost consumption in maintaining and managing a database.
  • Perform a secured data migration by not accessing the database directly.