QA Validations in a Data Segregation Framework for a Healthcare Administration Ecosystem

Project Overview

Indium supported the client in upgrading their legacy business-admin management portal which was facing challenges due to data operations in siloed databases for individual healthcare partners and their associated members. In the process of upgrading the system with multi tenancy structure and segregated databases that exhibit efficient querying and analysis, the Data Integrity and Security were at stake and required exhaustive Validations.

About Client

The client is a specialized healthcare technology services company and is a global leader in providing advisory solutions for health plans and a suite of value-added services. The key to their services is to leverage technology to build solutions that simplify business administration processes, streamline healthcare partner management and automate medical care.

Business Requirements

1. Verify the Data Segregation Framework for appropriate access privileges mapping and probable data breach escalations.
2. Validate Data Integrity across the Business Flow: Onboarding, Profiles, Health Plans and their associated Business Rules