Optimizing Performance- Extracting Value from In-Store CCTV Camera Feeds with Video Analytics for Sports Goods Retailer

Project Overview

This project involves building a cognitive analytics model using security cameras in a store. The model generates store heat-maps and visualizations to indicate where customers spend the most time. It also analyzes footfall variations by different areas of the store and time of day. Additionally, the model identifies returning customers through facial recognition and tracks the number of customers who leave the store without making a purchase.

About Client

The customer is a French sporting goods shop with more than 1,500 locations in more than 45 nations. They are among the biggest athletic goods retailers in the world. Tennis rackets to cutting-edge scuba diving gear are among the athletic products that the company sells. Additionally, the business owns over 20 brands
and has research and development centres located all around France to create cutting-edge designs.

Business Requirements

Being in the fast-moving retail market, the client requires real-time visitor statistics to support quick market strategies and business decisions. In addition to analysing footfall data, the client wanted to integrate it with point-of-sale (POS) data for more comprehensive insights. They sought a simple yet robust solution that could deliver accurate results.