Optimizing Analytics Quality using Big Data and Database Testing Framework

Project Overview

In a data intensive IoT analytics Application, a specialized QA solution was implemented to test the wide digital dimensions. Test Strategy for validating the integrity of complex algorithms, performance of the data transactions and UI/UX was defined and delivered, achieving maximum test coverage.

About Client

The client is an advanced semiconductor manufacturing company, developing and supplying wafer fabrication equipment and services globally. Their business operations make the best use of IoT solutions in gathering data points from sensors installed along the process chain. The data is churned using Analytics Solutions resulting in advanced insights for real time monitoring of the equipment and defect predictions and predictive maintenance. The ecosystem is a visibility into the manufacturing supply chain and operations. With the domain and data intensive nature of the application, the client required a strong QA Partner with specialized testing expertise to test the reliability and scalability.

Business Challenges

1. Set up QA with continuous testing enabled.
2. Understand the complex use cases and rich data set in the application to establish a robust QA strategy that validates the data transactions (volume and veracity) in the end-to-end workflow.
3. Real time data testing.
4. Verify data response & availability due to the large number of sensor interactions.