NPS Prism Platform Modernization

Project Overview

Customer Experience (CX) has turned into a key driver of sales, loyalty, and employee engagement to the extent that global C-Suite executives rank CX as their greatest avenue of growth. The client’s platform enables companies to analyze their CX benchmarking scores and translate that into prioritized initiatives and actions to drive bottom-line results. Indium partnered with the client to modernize their existing homegrown CX benchmarking platform by leveraging AWS to take advantage of the scalability, cost efficiency and innovative cloud-native features and address the below mentioned challenges.

About Client

The client is a leading provider of management, strategies, and technology consulting services. The firm provides services in the areas such as operations, analysis, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, sustainability, marketing strategy, and many more. They are also a pioneer in the field of CX and helps companies to create game-changing customer experiences through their homegrown CX benchmarking platform.

Business Challenges

  • Longer client on-boarding time – Manual data retrieval from online survey platforms increased time to set up and onboard new clients.
  • Longer data processing time – Custom data engineering code with lack of standardized implementation of business logic along with absence of standardized way of handling data quality errors increased the turnaround time of the curated data.
  • Degrading tableau performance – Reading data from huge flat files translated into sub-optimal Tableau dashboard performance