Multitenant HRMS Product Development using Microservices

Project Overview

Indium developed an HRMS product incorporating multiple HR modules and seamlessly integrating with Payroll and ESS systems. The system was built on a secure multitenant microservice-based architecture enabling a modular and configurable platform for increased scalability and customizability

About Client

The client is an HRMS company providing Human Resource Management functions and operations. HR operation plays a vital role in any company, in that case, it is a hassle to maintain and manage the entire process manually. To address this issue, the customer aimed to create an HRMS Product aiming to transform HR operations using technology without compromising confidentiality. To ensure an end-to-end system covering all HR functionalities catering to multiple customers, the product needed to be designed with multitenancy and features covering all HR operations.

Business Requirements

  • Design a product architecture incorporating multitenancy and scalability
  • Ensure customizability on the platform to cater to the requirements of new organizations being onboarded
  • Incorporate functionalities for HR operations
  • Integration with external applications catering to Payroll Processing, Employee Self-Service etc.
  • Configure security and data confidentiality for the customer information in the system