Indiums Integrated QA model for Modern AI-Based Customer Service Application

Project Overview

Due to the superior capabilities of AI-based customer service, a quality assurance partner was required to validate and record the full functional integrity and response to usability.

About Client

Our client is a leader in Conversational Service Automation, a digital customer experience platform. The client provides flagship solutions using AI including Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistant and Voice Biometrics. The solutions automate customer service agent interactions, provide real time conversation analytics, automate after call work, and power the processes involved in customer response management. The solution suite can be deployed on-prem/cloud, resulting in an ambitious reach of customer requirements.

The app integrates voice & data solutions (speech recognition and voice biometrics) that hosts enterprise automation solutions for customer service delivery. The application is built on Angular and Java and solution is available on cloud.

Business Challenges

The superior features of AI-based customer service required an effective quality assurance strategy, a QA partner to validate and capture the full functional integrity and response to usability.

  • Manual Testing / Smoke Testing was conducted by in-house QA team to report high level checks in line with the development.
  • Scheduled monthly releases/patches and quarterly releases of the application suite requiring the team to support continuous QA The in-house QA employed a rigid java – selenium based framework which is not flexible to automate UI based testing
  • No Automation expertise and test cycle optimization was not accounted
  • Address the test case volume and traceability for testing the comprehensive suite of products
  • Minimal/no project documentation