GIS based Line Mapper Application Development in the Utilities Domain

Project Overview

Developed a Line Mapper application to aid the user to locate the transmission tower and feed-in the tower details after examining. Features like Multi-tenancy, Multi-threading, data compression, effective handling of Geo JSON file, efficient processing of data for performance enhancement etc., were implemented to replace a legacy system.

About Client

The client is a pioneer in providing technology related services and consulting to the power and utility industry. Their functional areas include transmission, distribution, line construction inspection, material inspection and so on. To enhance the construction and maintenance of the transmission line and feed-in the details of each transmission towers, the client requested for an application overhaul.

Business Requirements

  • When Sync was initiated, a full set of information was being transmitted, requiring a lot of time to load the map Geo JSON
  • Geo JSON updates happen based on the time of sync, instead of last updated time of records
  • Download of data associated to each point was not supported for document related data sync
  • Severe performance issues existed in the legacy system